Your Cloud, Reimagined


Today’s cloud applications have millions of resources, most of which are unallocated and lack ownership. This lack of ownership makes it impossible to manage cloud finances and maintain security posture. nOps eliminates the reliance on humans for enforcing best practices.
Do you want to increase cloud observability and lower the cost of ownership? Learn how to control costs and manage your cloud environment.
This demo will show you how to:

  • Identify untagged or unused resources
  • Rightsize Amazon EC2 instances
  • Manage unused Amazon EBS volumes
  • View security violations
  • Get recommendations for RIs and savings plans
  • Align resources with workloads


Contrast this model with what you’re doing today. You have smart DevOps and Finance team members managing your AWS commitment portfolio of RIs and Savings Plans. But it’s complicated, sucks resources, and leads to imperfect estimations about future capacity requirements that can create inflexible options.


As a special offer, we are raffling off a VR Oculus Quest 2 headset at the end of the webinar to one lucky attendee.  




Jon Myer
Jon Myer

Chief Evangelist

Jon Myer is a technical content creator, that told his kids “you’ll never find me on YouTube”. Never say never. He’s a technical storyteller, and before joining nOps, a self-proclaimed evangelist, who inspires others to share their story because everyone has a story to tell. He brings his passion for sharing content through videos that allow him to be quirky, engaging, and entertaining all while bringing informative content.

Mike Till
Mike Till

Director, Solutions Delivery

Mike is a pre-sales Solution Architect with experience working with AWS and cloud-based organizations. Over the last few years, Mike has worked for various cloud management platforms to help organizations bring order to the chaos that can be the cloud.

Mike Till
Rich Boyd

AWS Well-Architected GEO Solutions Architect

Rich is an evangelist for the AWS Well-Architected Framework internally and externally at Amazon. He helps customers adopt the AWS Well-Architected Framework across their organization, guides them through Well-Architected Reviews, and collaborates with them to mitigate High Risk Issues. Internally at Amazon he trains Amazonians on how to engage customers using the AWS Well-Architected Framework, including how to prepare and run AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews. In is free time he is an organizer for DevOpsDays Austin and DevOpsDays Texas and is active in the Austin tech community.