FinOps on nOps – Cost Optimization Without Spending A Dime

FinOps on nOps

Cost Optimization Without Spending A Dime

Wednesday, Dec 14 at 11am BST

Public cloud bills are often two to three times higher than expected. AWS Cloud offers many opportunities to optimize costs in your workloads. But to maximize your savings, you need to implement the right set of practices.

FinOps offers the best practices to help you uncover issues, ways to fix them, and derive benefits from them. FinOps advocates numerous practices in leveraging automation to achieve your FinOps goals.

Join this session to learn how to implement better practices in optimizing the cost of your AWS workloads and how you can use nOps NEW FinOps model to start saving costs.

The best part is you can start without investing a single dollar. 

nOps services to showcase:
  • nOps ShareSave Model - Risk-Free Commitment
  • nOps Scheduler – Stop resources during non-peak hours, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Best practices for cost optimization & risk-free commitments
  2. FinOps for every size
  3. nOps FinOps Model - ShareSave

Topics and Agenda:

  • FinOps and Cost Optimization  –Richard Trabing, AWS - 15 min
  • FinOps on nOps  – Satish Bora, nOps - 15 min
  • Customer Testimonial - nOps Experience  - Matt Long, WGTWO - 15 min
  • QA - 10 Min

Featured Speakers


Richard Trabing

Well-Architectured Solutions Architect (EMEA Region)

Richard is an AWS Solutions Architect with a passion for Cloud Best-Practices, Transformation, and Agile Methodologies. He works in the EMEA region helping Customers and Partners leverage the Well-Architected Framework, Tooling (especially automated), and Knowledgebase to improve their Cloud workloads and infrastructure. He enjoys the challenge of helping technologists improve effectiveness by finding the right balance between building solutions and “sharpening the saw”.

You can follow Richard on LinkedIn 

Satish Bora

Satish Bora

General Manager nOps

Satish is a SaaS & Cloud leader guiding SaaS companies worldwide in the SaaSification of products. He carries a unique blend of experience to work with global SI’s like TCS & Infosys as well as multiple SaaS product startups. He has worked very closely with nOps since its inception. He loves enabling AWS customers to optimize their cloud by leveraging FinOps on nOps.    

You can follow Satish  on LinkedIn 


Matt Long

Engineering Manager for Edge, Security, and Cloud Infrastructure

Matt runs teams at Working Group Two responsible for edge sites, security, and cloud infrastructure.  WGTWO is building the next-generation mobile core network-as-a-service, and Matt works with forward-looking telecommunications companies to realize the benefits of the AWS ecosystem.  He has a background in robotics and AI and loves building automated systems that react to their environment -- but is glad that nOps is handling his RIs.

You can reach Matt on LinkedIn