Automate Reserved Instances and Reduce AWS Costs

Automate Reserved Instances and Reduce AWS Costs

August 24th, 2022 (Wednesday)

11:00 AM to Noon (Pacific Time)

AWS Reserved Instances are sometimes complex to manage without the right platform or visibility. Understanding the difference between Standard vs Convertible, when to buy a one year vs a three year, or no upfront vs partial vs all upfront can be overwhelming. What if you had the right platform to not only provide visibility but to recommend the right decision and perform actions based on the recommendations? Find out how nOps provided complete visibility into AWS Reserved Instances for their customers, while reducing your cost, overall spend, and RI usage for all your AWS accounts.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to manage the complexity of RIs
  • Cost Savings, Increased Efficiency, and Automation of RIs
  • Convertible vs On-Demand

Special Offer: All eligible attendees qualify for a free Cost Optimization Assessment by nOps.

Featured Speakers

Savanna Jensen

Customer Optimization and Enablement - AWS

Savanna is a Customer Optimization and Enablement Specialist at AWS. She provides complex billing, contract, and cloud financial management support for Enterprise AWS customers across the Strategic, Media and Entertainment, and Solution Provider verticals.

Jon Myer

Chief Evangelist - nOps

Jon Myer is a technical content creator, that told his kids "you'll never find me on YouTube". Never say never. He's a technical storyteller, and before joining nOps, a self-proclaimed evangelist, who inspires others to share their story because everyone has a story to tell. He brings his passion for sharing content through videos that allow him to be quirky, engaging, and entertaining all while bringing informative content.

Tim Cassell

Head of Product - nOps

Tim is Head of Product at nOps. He is a site reliability engineering (SRE) leader with more than 12 years of cloud financial operations experience and specific expertise in cloud cost optimization. He previously held senior technical roles in SRE at Workday, and site operations, and build and release engineering at PayPal. Also, Tim has more than 10 years of management consulting experience at Accenture and EY. His AWS certifications include Solutions Architect - Professional, and Security - Specialty.