How to Align Every AWS Resource with Your Business Using Workloads


Do you struggle with defining your workloads and setting objectives? We’ll show you how to align every resource in the cloud with a business need. In this session, experts from nOps and AWS share how and why optimizing your workloads helps provide immediate ROI and positions your enterprise for long-term operational excellence.

Topics Include:

  • What is the point of workloads from an AWS environment perspective?
  • Which challenges do workloads remedy?
  • Are workloads difficult to implement or are they automatically defined?
  • How do workloads help align with business goals?

Special Offer: All eligible attendees qualify for a Free Workload Assessment by an AWS-certified Solutions Architect at nOps.



JT Giri
JT Giri

Founder & CEO

JT Giri has been migrating rapid-growth companies to AWS since Amazon EC2 was in beta in 2006. His teams have executed hundreds of DevOps AWS implementations and AWS Well-Architected Reviews. He co-founded nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, in 2012, and founded nOps, a SaaS cloud management platform provider, in 2017.

James Wilson

VP, Engineering & Product Development

James is the VP of Engineering & Product Development at nOps. As an experienced leader of global engineering and product development organizations, James’ passion is solving high-value business problems through fundamental technology.

Mahanth Jayadeva

Solutions Architect

Mahanth has been working as a Solutions Architect at AWS for the past 6 years. Working on the Well-Architected team, Mahanth helps companies shape their cloud with best practices of the 5 pillars of the Well-Architected Framework.