AWS Resource and Cost Optimization

Be free to save more money.

Is your cloud spend through the roof? It happens. Let’s get it under control by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and sizing computing services to scale. That means the right size infrastructure for the right price.


Bottom line: our customers are saving big
on their bottom line.

Are you realizing the full potential cost benefits of your cloud strategy?

Why did your company move to the cloud in the first place? Let us guess: to “optimize costs” or get "elastic pricing"—which is just a fancy way of saying to save money.

But did you move your workload to the cloud and then keep using the same strategy you were for your physical infrastructure? Common—and expensive—mistake.

nOps can help you save more by centralizing cloud accounts into a consolidated billing model, providing instant and continuous visibility to change requests and delta to your infrastructure that cause cost, and giving you the best root cause analysis capabilities available anywhere. That means better oversight and more control of your cloud spend. Pretty cool, eh?

nOps features for optimizing costs


Track Costs

Track infrastructure costs by project, AWS account, resource & employee.



Get real-time notifications of billing anomalies, across all regions & services.


Manage Assets

Instantly view infrastructure
changes that affect cost.


Plan Resources

Identify underutilized resources and do smarter RI & Spot Instances Planning.


Rightsize Instances

Analyze instances continuously to determine optimum sizes.

Track costs

Track costs your way — across AWS accounts, projects, cloud services, resources, regions, employees, cost, and custom tags.
nOps provides powerful flexibility for cost tracking, plus handy summary reports like the “high-five” resources by cost within your workload.
View & track infrastructure costs by project, account, cloud service, resource, and employee.
See costs of changes by employee, and filter by date to see costs for newly running resources by employee.
Support budget planning with month-to-month infrastructure cost comparisons, with cyclical variations.
View costs for new and still active resources to see actual delta.

Billing anomaly detection
and notification

Get real-time, continuous notifications of security risks and non-compliance, to avoid breaches and achieve compliance with industry standards.
Eliminate surprises in your AWS invoices with machine learning-based detection & real-time alerts.
AWS has hundreds of services in different regions with multiple availability zones in each region. To help you manage this complexity, nOps uses smart, self-learning methods based on patterns to detect anomalies and generate instant notifications in Slack and email.
Customize the limits you want for warnings and alerts.
Select your preferred alert method using popular tools like Slack and email.

Manage assets

Understand what you have, and what's changing.
nOps gives you a real-time, multi-cloud view of your AWS environments, with instant visibility to changes that affect cost.
The nOps Tag Explorer feature helps you analyze spend across and within projects, departments, and teams in your AWS account.
Access all cloud infrastructure inventory with one click, or search inventory by specific resource details.
View cost history and audit trail for all AWS resources in your cloud infrastructure.
Go beyond tags and use nOps’ powerful contextual search & fuzzy matching of any metadata.

Plan resources

Optimize underutilized resources, and do smarter Spot and Reserved Instances (RI) planning.
nOps shows CPU utilization patterns to help you rightsize your infrastructure to manage cost.
Identify unused, zombie instances that add cost but no value.
Get instant visibility into CPU utilization patterns to help you retire and re-engineer servers.
Use actionable insights for Reserved Instances (RI) planning that can save you money.
Receive real-time notifications for unused Elastic IPs (EIP_Unused, EIP_Additional), unattached Disks and Network Interfaces, unattached Amazon EBS (EBS_Unattached, EBS_Stopped), and ELBs with no instance running that can add cost quickly.

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