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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At nOps, we envision a world where teams take control of their cloud consumption, so they can pay for only what they use - not what they provision.

Our Mission

Our mission at nOps is to empower teams with automated FinOps solutions to create an effortless experience to optimize cloud resources, giving the freedom to focus on innovation, growth, and customer experience.

Why nOps

With nOps, our customers can benefit in two key ways: First, you pay less for what you use, without the financial risk. Second, nOps enable you to use less by automatically pausing idle resources.
nOps platform is completely automated, and it requires zero engineering effort. Customers only have to pay if we save you money.

First, pay less

for what you use without the financial risk. 

Second, use less

by automatically pausing idle resources.

What is nOps in 1 minute:

By JT Giri, CEO, nOps

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Our core values

Customer Obsessed

Our driving force is our clients success, as we measure every outcome and make decisions based on how well it serves them. We strive to exceed our customers expectations by delivering exceptional products, solutions, and support.

Embrace FinOps Culture

Embrace FinOps culture to help organizations gain financial and operational control while empowering engineering teams to deliver quality products and feature faster, driving greater ROI and long-term success.

Win With Diversity

Our success is driven by embracing diversity, learning from each other s experiences, and building for everyone.

One Global Network

Leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business.

Empower Innovation

Innovation is a way of life for us. We are constantly questioning the status quo to seek out improvements and move forward together.


Driven to achieve extraordinary outcomes. We push ourselves and those around us to be their best and accountable.

Meet the smiling faces behind nOps success!

At the heart of our diverse global team lies a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. The only guiding force behind us is customer obsession, as we believe that people matter above all else. Whether its our employees, partners, or clients, YOU matter the most.
Meet the smiling faces behind nOps success!

Meet the Leadership Team

JT Giri

nOps Founder. 14+ years of cloud experience.

Tim Cassell

VP of Product
25+ years of experience designing product and service offerings for new IT infrastructures, policies, and strategies.

James Wilson

VP of Engineering
15+ years experience in managing and leading engineering teams.

Eduardo Goya

25+ years of experience in financial management, accounting, and strategic planning.

Pratik Thakker

VP of Marketing
10+ years expertise in marketing, scaling startups and companies create a powerful presence in the market

Ghazaleh Davoudzadeh

Marketing Manager
Extensive experience in developing and implementing successful marketing strategies, and leading cross-functional teams to achieve their goals.

Ian Cannon

Director of Sales- East
10+ years of B2B SaaS Sales and scaling Cloud Management Sales.

Matthew Apicella

Director of Sales-West
10+ years of experience in cloud sales and 4+years experience in AWS consulting and Cost Optimization

Satish Bora

International General Manager
SaaS Specialist and IT expert guiding Businesses on IT solutions

Greg O’Hare

Director of Pre-sales
10+ years of cloud management presales. Ex cloud health

Raj Ganguly

Customer success manager
5+ years of experience building strong relationships with customers

A Recognized Leader in Cloud Management

Advanced technology partner AWS, G2 4.8 rating, FinOps Foundation member and many more

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