Cloud Migration on AWS

nOps Cloud Migration Tool, AWS Map Tracker, Automatically Tags Resources & Tracks Migration Process

Tracking your migration progress can be challenging as there are several moving pieces. Use AWS MAP Tracker to maximize your MAP funding, stay on schedule, and tag all your resources properly.


Identify Untagged AWS Resources

nOps helps you visualize all of the resources that aren’t tagged properly. Don’t miss out on MAP Funding credits due to incorrect Server IDs. We ingest billing in near real-time.


Automatically Tag Resources with System Manager

nOps leverages the system manager to automatically tag resources without tags or incorrect tags. Simply select the resources you want to tag and nOps will tag these resources with appropriate tags.

Live Tracking Dashboard for AWS Migration Process

nOps provides a live dashboard that shows MAP incentives earned vs. disbursed, giving you up-to-date information on how your migration is trending.

With MAP funding, credits are issued based on migrating growth and hitting milestones. For example, customers earned the credits in Q1 and Q2, and AWS disbursed the credits in Q3.