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Why nOps

Why nOps

Engineers are good at building, but not good at understanding AWS pricing plans, which can lead to expensive and wasteful cloud usage.

Problems Teams Facing

Cloud has become a burden for companies.

Cloud management has become a challenge for companies

This has created a situation where all of the existing cloud management solutions are like cloud tax, being expensive and inefficient.

To address this problem, companies need to empower engineers to take action by providing better visibility into the AWS pricing plans and automated tools to help them navigate the complexity of the cloud.


Getting engineers to take action on cost optimization


Accurate forecasting of spend of spend


Organizational adoption of FinOps


Enabling Automation


Reducing waste or unused resources


Aligning finance/procurement teams with tech/eng teams


Managing “non-Iaas” costs


Full allocation of cloud spending


Container cost reporting


Dealing with shared costs within cloud providers


Multi-cloud cost reporting


Accounting for additional cloud costs


And here, nOps Comes in!

That's where nOps comes in

And here, nOps comes in!

Your team focuses on innovation, while nOps runs optimization on auto-pilot to help you track, analyze and optimize accordingly! Our customers can benefit in two key ways:

First, pay less

for what you use without the financial risk. 

Second, use less

by automatically pausing idle resources.

Let us help you save tonnes!

for nOps today.

Commitment Management

Maximize Your Amazon EC2/RDS Reserved Instances saving without the financial risk

Automatically purchases and sells RIs depending on your infrastructure’s capacity changes.


Pay for what you use, not what you provision

Pay for what you use, not what you provision

Our AI is constantly learning your usage pattern. We find idle resources and turn them off automatically to save you money on your AWS bill.


nOps is all-in on AWS

nOps is all-in on AWS

Inspired by the Award-Winning, World-Class Team at nOps




What our clients expressing

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CleanChoice Energy

How nOps helped CleanChoice Energy save on their AWS Cloud Costs


How nOps ShareSave program has helped Efabless save 15-20% of their monthly AWS costs on average.

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