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Find production AWS EBS Volumes without a snapshot

query Data_Tier_Instances_in_Oregon_without_Snapshots {
  ec2_vpcs(where: {vpc_id: {_eq: "vpc-085d9f5d25dfg56g3"}}) {
      where: {subnet_id: {_eq: "subnet-018e139fe5678vf78"}, ec2_volume: {snapshot_id: {_is_null: true}}}
    ) {
      ec2_volume {

  "data": {
    "ec2_vpcs": [
        "vpc_id": "vpc-085d9f5d25dfg56g3",
        "cidr_block": "",
        "ec2_instances": [
            "subnet_id": "subnet-018e139fe5678vf78",
            "instance_id": "i-0f463b4589b0b24cc",
            "ec2_volume": {
              "volume_id": "vol-01386af3359b45822",
              "snapshot_id": null

Access your Cloud Data at your finger tips, empower your team to automate manual tasks.

nOps is a real-time event-driven Cloud data platform. nOps allows companies to automate mitigation and recurrence of cost, security, governance, and compliance.

Your team gets access to normalized cloud data through a GraphQL endpoint to automate routine tasks without the headache of managing Cloud data infrastructure. Companies can easily automate their reserved instances, tune Lambdas after their deployments, right-size resources, and automate countless manual tasks.

AWS and Azure Well-Architected
Framework Alignment

Get continuous insights on your AWS and Azure infrastructure health for cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence.
Save time and yield better insights when running a Well-Architected Review on your AWS and Azure workloads.
Since AWS and Azure Well-Architected alignment should be monitored continuously (best practices are not one-and-done), nOps provides you continuous feedback following the Review.

Resource & Cost Optimization

Monitor infrastructure changes continuously to optimize resource utilization and cost; identify zombie instances & underutilized resources for immediate savings.
  • Save up to 50% or more with smarter planning of Spot Instances and Reserved Instances.
  • Rightsize Amazon EC2 & RDS, Azure VM & SQL Database often the biggest costs on your AWS and Azure bill.
  • Eliminate surprises with machine learning-based detection and real-time alerts of billing anomalies, from networking costs to unattached Amazon EBS & Azure Disk volumes that can add cost quickly.

Security & Compliance

Continuous, real-time notifications of security risks and non-compliance, plus detailed audit trails.
Use the security dashboard and built-in nOps rules to ensure alignment with AWS and Azure best practices and to detect security breaches.
Receive real-time alerts regarding non-compliant events leveraging AWS CloudTrail and Azure Activity log.
Check all changes to security policies and configurations within your workload. Manage Unrestricted SSH Check and Users Without MFA using IAM groups and IAM roles.
Get nOps security readiness reports for HIPAA, SOC 2, and CIS Benchmarks.

Visibility & Change Management

Get near-instant visibility to changes to your infrastructure, configuration history, and continuous notifications.
Track changes by user, resource, events, and workload.
Synchronize issues via two-way Jira integration, create Jira tickets within nOps.
Get notifications via Slack and email.
Use sophisticated, reusable filters with nOps query language and context-sensitive and fuzzy text matching to search your cloud inventory across multiple cloud providers..

Operational Accountability

360° visibility into provisioned workloads across multiple cloud platforms.
Actionable, in-depth insights into resources usage segmented by users, accounts, and regions. Your CCOE team can leverage these insights into enforcing operational accountability across the board.
Continuous monitoring of violations and changes allowing dynamic alignment of operations with cloud adoption goals.
Tagging feature to ensure all resources are accounted for.

Innovative companies already love what we do for them. Now it’s your turn.

"Leveraging nOps, partners can shorten the time it takes validating some of the answers found in an AWS Well-Architected Review and reduce time to uncover high-risk issues and opportunities to innovate and drive better customer outcomes."

- Matt Yanchyshyn, Director, Solutions Architecture, AWS

"[nOps is] a great example of a partner who is not only innovating on behalf of their customers but also innovating to help other partners."

- Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels & Alliances

"Using nOps, we have helped customers achieve impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. Simply put, nOps enables us to build better architecture faster for our customers. It really fits our DevOps culture."

- Carlos Diego Cavalcanti, Chief Technology Officer, Valcann and an AWS Ambassador

"nOps bridges a gap in AWS’s portfolio for automated discovery in keeping with Well-Architected principles and provides a DevOps-savvy front end for integrating input from various AWS cloud management services and creating actionable views."

- Jean Atelsek, Market Insight, April 23, 2019

"nOps was instrumental in helping our team keep running fast while we worked on achieving ISO-27001 certification – and reduced our AWS costs by 50%."

"We particularly like nOps’ billing anomaly, change management, change reports, and cost dashboard features, which enable Yewno to track costs and changes on a continuous basis."

"We saved 30% on our AWS cloud infrastructure costs. Any startup on AWS should be using nOps. Otherwise, how are you staying on top of your infrastructure?"

"nOps lets organizations manage all aspects of AWS infrastructure and cloud-based development to track, manage, and control the environments in which their systems run."

"nOps lets organizations manage all aspects of AWS infrastructure and cloud-based development to track, manage, and control the environments in which their systems run."

"[nOps] offers both clear oversight of dependencies and a quick route to identifying cost savings across cloud."

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