Change management for your cloud infrastructure

Track all your infrastructure changes to reduce costs and increase security.

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Streamline your operations

Cut through the noise and identify all critical changes to your infrastructure.


Review and approve changes

Understand the business impact of each infrastructure change by leveraging peer reviews.


Alert and collaborate

Mobilize the right teams, enlist additional responders, and snooze alerts to prioritize your tasks.

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Move fast, stay secure

Every critical change in your infrastructure is documented and approved for easy access.

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Effective cost management

Increase your infrastructure's performance without sacrificing your business' profitability.

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Visibility and control

Gain full visibility and control over your entire infrastructure.

  • “Being a company offering IoT platform to the leaders, we need to control our costs so that the customers find us affordable. Using nOps we were able to find old unused resources and thus save on thousands of dollars. With nOps powerful search we can find resource utilization and spend efficiently, making cost management easy.”
    Cyril Brignone, Chief Executive Officer @ arrayent
  • “With nOPs, tracking infrastructure changes has become much easier. Now we know exactly when and who made the changes, notifications regarding these show up directly in Slack, thus making monitoring automated and our infrastructure more secure.”
    Andrew Sotzing, VP of engineering @ Couchsurfing