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Cloud Optimization Essentials

It’s easy for cloud costs to get out of control without the right processes and tools. nOps Essentials makes it easy to tackle time-consuming cost optimization tasks.

Automatically Schedule and Pause Unused Resources

Reduce unnecessary usage and costs with nOps resources scheduler

See nOps Scheduler in Action

How Scheduler Works

nOps Finds all the Resource Scheduling Opportunities

Based on historical utilization data, we can identify the hours when an instance is not needed. nOps Scheduler provides a list of recommended resources to put on a schedule.

Act on recommendations with a single click

Simply review the list of recommended resources to add to a schedule and select which ones you want to enable. nOps will automatically turn on/off instances via our integration with AWS EventBridge.

Continuous Savings

nOps Scheduler continues to analyze your cloud infrastructure to find new opportunities to schedule and save.

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Reliable Rightsizing Simplified

Delaying resource rightsizing could be costing your organization thousands in unnecessary cloud usage and costs. 

Reliable Recommendations

nOps Rightsizing integrates with Datadog and Terraform so we can reliably recommend resources that need rightsizing.

Rightsize in a
Single Click

nOps integrates with your Terraform and Eventbridge to automate away all the work and complexity, freeing up engineers to focus on building.

See how much you could save with nOps Rightsizing 

Stop Idle EC2 Instances With One Click

Stopping idle instances is one of the most effective cloud optimization strategies. For every dollar saved on an instance, two more dollars are saved on accompanying storage, network and database charges.

Reliable Recommendations

nOps integrates with CloudWatch to automatically discover EC2 instances that you’re paying for, but not using.

High Transparency

View detailed resource historical consumption data for each identified instance to make informed decisions.

One-Click Apply

Stop instances with just a single click. Stopped instances can be reactivated whenever needed, maximizing flexibility and minimizing risk.

See how much you could save with nOps Idle EC2 Cleanup 

One-click EBS Volume Migration

Using nOps certified integration with Amazon EventBridge, we can intelligently update configurations on resources that are not controlled by IaC. This results in up to 20% cost savings and makes bulk updates to your storage instances, further increasing efficiency.

Clean Up Unused EBS Volumes

When EC2 instances are routinely spun up and down, orphaned EBS volumes frequently accumulate and lead to substantial cloud waste. With nOps, it’s now a breeze to detect and delete idle EBS volumes. 

One-click discover and apply

nOps streamlines the process of identifying and deleting unused EBS volumes with just one click, eliminating the need for manual cleanup and saving valuable engineering time.

Safe savings

Review each recommendation and take a cost-effective backup snapshot if desired — providing full peace of mind and flexibility to roll back while optimizing costs.

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