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nOps Business Contexts

Get visibility into your all your AWS costs from your largest resources all the way down to container costs – all from a single, integrated platform. nOps makes it easy automate cost allocation and reporting.

Complete Visibility Into 100% of Your AWS Spend

Allocate all your AWS costs in real-time, even without complete tagging. nOps makes it easy to organize your costs the way you want to see them - by customer, product, cost center, or any other custom showback.

Showbacks Summary

AWS Cost Reporting Simplified

Tailor reports and notifications to your unique needs. Whether your:

CFO wants a simplified monthly view of all cost centers

Engineering Manager needs a daily view of a couple of cost centers

One of your Engineers needs an hourly view of your clusters

All can be configured and automatically sent via email and slack, or exported to a spreadsheet.

See nOps Business Contexts in Action

Allocate all your AWS costs in real-time, even without complete tagging

With nOps, you don’t need to have all your resources tagged to allocate your costs. Our platform makes it easy to filter resources and create showbacks. Filter the resources based on meta data using a wide-range of options (Environment, Account, Operating System, Usage Type, etc.).

Handle Shared Service Costs
with Ease

One of the biggest challenges in allocating AWS costs is attributing costs shared across your organization. nOps make this process simple and easy, whether you're allocating data transfer, nat gateway, support,  or other shared costs.

Unlock Kubernetes Costs

Get visibility in all your EKS costs so you can allocate 100% of your spend. Even down to the Pod / Container Level.

Unlock Kubernetes Costs
Break down and map costs by any Kubernetes concept, including deployment, service, namespace label, pod, container and more
Quickly find and view exactly what you need with 40+ per-built filters and views. Find and eliminate hidden costs unnecessarily increasing your bill.
Isolate excess capacity in your EKS clusters where the pods aren’t using all the CPU and memory they request
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”nOps just works - it does its job in the background, saves us money, and makes it easy to report on. I highly recommend nOps for cloud optimization and managing cloud costs effectively.”

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Dominic KAISER

Senior DevOps Engineer


”nOps has been invaluable in helping manage the intricacies of optimizing AWS environments and costs. The platform also gives us a clear and transparent picture of our costs, so we can plan and rightsize our resources accordingly”

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Datacenter & Cloud Team Leader


”nOps transformed our ability to manage commitments and increase efficiency across our cloud infrastructure. The Commitment Manager eliminated guesswork and manual overhead so we could maintain.”

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Keisuke Motoki

Data Center Manager at FC2.US

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