Fully Automated: EC2 & RDS AWS Savings WITHOUT Commitments - 100% Risk-Free

Do you struggle managing your Amazon EC2 commitments and spend? ShareSave provides real-time, risk-free, hands-free automatic life-cycle management of Amazon EC2/RDS commitments. Get the flexibility of On- Demand with the savings of 1 year Reserved Instances (Rls) – or better!


Are you looking to pay less for your Amazon EC2/Fargate/RDS spend without the burden of a long term commitment?

Do you want your team to focus on revenue generating innovation rather than mastering AWS pricing plans?

Now You Can!

nOps' Risk-free commitment management provides an easy, risk-free, and completely hands-off solution for lowering your EC2/Fargate/RDS spend.

With nOps, you get back the “E” - elasticity of the cloud by paying only for what you use plus savings of 35% - or more!

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Use Cases

nOps provides a completely risk-free commitment management system. We eliminate the need for manual processes, periodic reviews of commitments/purchasing decisions. nOps adjusts your commitments in real time and fully refunds any and all over provisioned commitments.
nOps monitors your workload in real-time to maximizes coverage

Everytime you reserve instances, you are commiting to yesterday’s tech. Free your engineers to focus on innovation rather than learning pricing plans.

nOps ensures 100% buyback guarantee on any and every unused RIs in a month


Risk-Free Commitment Management Security Policies

Onboarding takes only 5 minutes.


  1. Onboard your accounts for nOps free platform.More information can be found here : Adding an AWS account to nOps
  2. For the Risk Free RI Commitment Management, we make it easy to save.

1. You provide nOps with access to your nOps S3 bucket

2. We link two nOps ShareSave accounts to your AWS Organization:

Review policy permissions for the Linked accounts.

  • ShareSave Compute - used by nOps to buy/sell EC2 3-year Standard Reserved Instances and buy 3-year Compute Savings Plans.
  • ShareSave Other - used by nOps to buy current generation/flexible 1-year Reserved Instances for RDS, Redshift, OpenSearch, and ElasticCache.

3. Save time by automating setup! You're just a few clicks away from cost savings.

Save Money!

How it Works

The ShareSave AI engine Collects

Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail logs and continuously monitors and analyzes infrastructure usage data points.

ShareSave automatically reacts in real time

By purchasing RIs and/or SPs upon an increase in compute usage and selling RIs and/or SPs upon a decrease in compute usage. nOps continuously purchases and sells commitments on an hourly basis, depending on your infrastructure's capacity changes.

ShareSave grabs the most lucrative discounts

In the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace and utilizes 3-year no-upfront commitments when purchasing SPs.

Getting Started

1. Provide nOps with read-only access to your Amazon EC2 usage patterns.

2. Based on your Amazon EC2 usage patterns, nOps begins to buy RI and/or SP commitments.

3. Whether your usage increases or decreases, you can pay only for what you use.

People are talking about nOps

"Easiest way to reduce cost Easy dashboard to use, visually confirm the amount saved, and the best support team."
Masaki T.
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
Among similar services, nOps stands out as the most feature-rich, offering capabilities such as buying/selling reserved instances, cost reporting, chargebacks, and nOps Rules aligned with the AWS Well-Architected framework. It's a powerful tool for optimizing AWS infrastructure and ensuring best practices.
Verified User inFinancial Services
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The process involves gaining transparency into expenditure across different services, with the ability to analyze costs on a daily basis and receive cost optimization recommendations, all while avoiding any commitments or reservation constraints during architectural development.
Mohana M.
Technical Director Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
“Robust, clean, Enable, cost saving. Onboarding was effortless. We could instantly save up to 20% on our bills in the first three months”
Verified user
Technical Director Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


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