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Complete AWS Cost Optimization for Financial Services and FinTech Organizations

nOps simplifies and automates AWS cost reporting and optimization for Insurance, Core Banking & Mortgages, Payments, Markets, and Digital Data Providers. This empowers Financial Services organizations to optimize operations and outpace the competition.

Solutions Designed for Financial Services Organizations

Cost Allocation &

You don’t need to have all your resources tagged to allocate 100% of your costs. Our platform makes it easy to filter resources and allocate to custom cost centers.

Automated AWS

nOps ensures you have the right level of commitment and makes sure you fully utilize all of your commitments, and we provide credits for any unused commitments.

Reduce Cloud

nOps includes the full set of cloud optimization automation tools — one-click resource rightsizing, scheduling, storage optimization & more.

Optimize Your Preferred Autoscaler

nOps Compute Copilot integrates with EC2 Auto Scaling Groups, Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler &  Karpenter to optimally scale your cloud resources. This maximizes scalability, stability and discounts across all

Intelligent Instance Selection

We select the best instances on your behalf for cost and performance, freeing engineering teams from manual work.

MAP Tagging &

nOps makes it easy to maximize your AWS MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) funding by tagging resources and tracking credits.

Security and Compliance

We understand the importance of data security and privacy in the Financial Services industry. That’s why we have implemented rigorous security protocols and processes to ensure that your information is safe and protected, including the following certifications.

Hear From Our Financial Services Customers

”nOps has transformed how we manage our AWS infrastructure. We’ve seen a significant reduction in costs and highly recommend nOps to any organization.”

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Technology Operations Manager


”nOps just works - it does its job in the background, saves us money, and makes it easy to report on. I highly recommend nOps for cloud optimization and managing cloud costs effectively.”

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Dominic KAISER

Senior DevOps Engineer


Why nOps for Financial Services Companies?

nOps frees teams from managing cloud costs manually; we take care of optimization along with enterprise-grade security and fully transparent tracking for compliance.

Scalable Financial Operations

Optimize resource allocation and reduce unnecessary cloud expenditures to deliver global financial operations at scale


Ensure cost efficiency as you leverage AI and ML to process massive amounts of operations, customer behavior, market analysis, and fraud detection data

Optimized payment and banking applications

Streamline and modernize cloud infrastructure for efficiency, security, and compliance in rapidly changing regulatory environments