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AWS MAP Tracking

Simplify AWS MAP tracking with nOps

nOps Makes MAP a Breeze!

Simplify AWS MAP and gain full visibility with the nOps platform.

Maximize your MAP funding and stay on schedule with real-time insights and metrics.

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Use Cases

nOps tracks all of your tagged resources so you can quickly see them in the nOps dashboard. We also ingest historical data to give you the most complete view of migration progress.
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What Customers Say about nOps

“Easy platform to monitor AWS cost, especially during AWS MAP. Makes it easy to monitor and navigate through the AWS MAP process. It has also been able to make cost saving very easy through one-click without risk. It can be hands-off.”
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
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51-1000 Employees
“Ease to use and also cost proficient. We have sets of rules there in WAF dashboard which is very useful for all pillars of the same.”
Sam S.
Associate Cloud Engineer 201-500 Employees


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