A podcast that focuses on cloud infrastructure management, AWS cost optimization, DevOps automation, and cloud security

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Episode 7: My baby is not ugly!

In Episode 7 of nCast , we’re joined by Marit Hughes from Deloitte, diving into “Safety Nets” in the cloud and the feedback challenges faced by engineers.


About The Podcast

Introducing nCast, the ultimate podcast channel for anyone interested in cloud infrastructure management, FinOps, AWS cost optimization, DevOps automation, and cloud security. Each episode of nCast features thought leaders and industry experts sharing their real-world experiences and knowledge on cloud management and optimization.With its engaging and informative style, nCast is the perfect podcast channel for, who wants to learn more about cloud infrastructure management, cost optimization, and DevOps best practices. Subscribe to nCast today and join the community of cloud enthusiast.

Our Host

James Wilson

VP of Engineering

James Wilson is an experienced engineer with a passion for using technology to drive innovation and solve complex problems. With over a decade of experience in software development and cloud computing, James has a deep understanding of how to leverage technology to help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

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