In this episode of nCast, we’re joined by AWS Partner Solutions Architects Andrew Park and Mike McDonald to discuss the complexities and cost of running today’s ML and GenAI workloads on the cloud. From anecdotes of the bad old days before container orchestration to the present challenge of simplifying infrastructure operation – our panelists share the best strategies to free Data Scientists and Engineers to focus on building and innovating. Don’t miss the entertaining discussion about the merits, pitfalls, and potential of various cost-optimizing tools and approaches, plus:
  • The lowdown on AWS Bedrock and where it fits into the current stack of the latest AWS ML and AI offerings — how it works, use cases, the access it grants to new generative AI models
  •  How Karpenter can make your life easy and save you SO much money
  • And hot takes on the controversial question: is ECS dead?