Let's dive into everything Kubernetes with Andrew Lewis, Principal Cloud Optimization Architect, alongside nCast's host, James Wilson, VP of Engineering at nOps.   We’ll journey from the stone age of manual config mayhem with Packer, Chef, and Vagrant… until along came Docker and the dawn of the Container Orchestration Wars.   Our speakers unravel the past, present and future of EKS cost optimization. When engineers are measured by the number of 99.99s that they deliver, how do you make cost optimization less punitive? Why is everyone so afraid of Spot?   Find out which tools and strategies can come to the rescue, from Kubecost to binpacking to VPA hacks. But beware the hidden traps — like when the most optimal node sizing decision unwittingly explodes your Datadog bill.   Tune in to hear straight from the engineering leaders and luminaries out there in the field, in the mines, doing the work and innovating with EKS.