Arnold de Leon joins to talk about cloud economics. The cloud can be great, but only if you embrace elastic — if you’re not actively using a resource, you shouldn’t have it. However, navigating the complexities of cloud costs, from network fees to Savings Plans, is often easier said than done. We'll discuss common pitfalls, epic fails, and how to fix them. And because we love a good plot twist, we’re diving into why engineers should be taking more risks when it comes to cost optimization. Sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot; opportunity cost is a thing.  We dive into the present and future of cost allocation tooling. Showbacks are crucial if you want to match usage to actual spend. But how do you get showbacks across the dimensions that are important to engineering, not just finance? And: once you have the right insights, how do you get engineers to take action on them? Listen now to find out.