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Episode 5: Solving the Cost Puzzle : Showbacks for Enhanced Visibility and Resource Allocation

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Welcome to Episode 5 of nCast! Join Arnold de Leon and James Wilson as they uncover the secrets of solving the cost puzzle through showbacks in cloud economics.  Discover the importance of embracing elasticity, resource efficiency, and being metrics-driven.  Explore the future of cloud technologies and the challenges of database management.  Don’t miss this engaging episode on enhanced visibility and resource allocation strategies. Tune in now to unlock the power of showbacks in cloud economics.  #nCastPodcast #CloudEconomics #Showbacks #ResourceAllocation #CloudOptimization

Long Description

Welcome to Episode 5 of our podcast series, In this exciting episode of nCast, we delve into the world of cloud economics and uncover the secrets to solving the cost puzzle through the power of showbacks. Join our esteemed panelists, Arnold de Leon and James Wilson, as they share their insights and experiences in leveraging showbacks for enhanced visibility and resource allocation. Arnold kicks off the discussion by sharing his philosophy on the cloud, emphasizing the importance of embracing elasticity and resource efficiency. He believes that if you're not actively using a resource, you shouldn't have it, highlighting the significance of full utilization in cloud economics. Being metrics-driven is another key aspect that Arnold emphasizes, as it allows teams to assess the actual work being done and make informed decisions. The conversation then shifts towards the future and where the tooling landscape is headed. The panelists explore the evolving nature of cloud technologies and discuss the importance of embracing elasticity in resource allocation. They delve into the challenges and opportunities surrounding database management and highlight the need for performance optimization, using a druid database cluster as an example. They stress that cloud performance is a critical factor that drives showback costs, and organizations need to prioritize it to achieve cost optimization. Don't miss out on this engaging episode that unravels the cost puzzle and provides valuable strategies for enhanced visibility and efficient resource allocation. Tune in now to unlock the power of showbacks in cloud economics.

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