Today we’re joined by Savanna Jensen, Senior FinOps Success Manager on the Optics Team at AWS, to discuss the latest in Cloud FinOps automation. The less amount of “people time” you can dedicate to cloud management and the more automation you can bake into the system, the easier it will be — but what are the right tools to use? We start out by tapping Savanna’s insider knowledge on the latest and greatest AWS Cost Management tools. Get the latest on the shiny new updates to Cost Explorer that just launched. Plus, pro tips on the best filters and features to use for various use cases when it comes to the Cost and Usage Report (CUR), Cost Explorer, and QuickSight. We dive into Engineering vs. FinOps perspectives and frustrations. How can you orchestrate a culture where cost optimization feels motivating rather than punitive to Engineers (recognition, career rewards, gamification…)? How do you troubleshoot if you’re a FinOps leader seeing zero traction on your initiatives? Hear real-world battle stories about organizations tackling cost management — and the takeaways for achieving true visibility and control over cloud costs.