In Episode 9, we’re joined by AI expert Marcos Heidemann to pull the curtain back on GenAI and whether the hype means we’re at the cusp of a massive transformation. Will it automate away our jobs in a dystopian future, or is it just glorified autocomplete? Our panelists do a technical dive into new technologies like ChatGPT and LangChain. How does GenAI think, and what does that mean for building commercial products on it? We’ll give you a sneak peak into nOps’s firsthand experience using GenAI to solve real-world cost optimization problems in novel ways that have never been tried before — and what we’re currently in the process of rolling out. The conversation wraps up with hot takes on the current state of AI technology and where it’s going. What do ChatGPT 5, 6, 7, and their competitors look like? What’s the moonshot for GenAI over the next 2-5 years? Listen now to find out.