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Episode 4: Let’s Do the Time Warp: Cassell on the Future

Short Description

Join James Wilson and Tim Cassell for episode 4 where we delve into the world of #FinOps and explore the major challenges faced by teams on their FinOps journey.  Don’t miss this fun conversation! Tune in now to join the discussion on challenges facing modern engineering teams, the future of commitments and the Spot market, the influence of AI/ML on cost allocation and forecasting, automation, and operations. Plus, explore trends that will help teams operationalize cloud optimization and contemplate your own moonshot for the future of FinOps.  Subscribe to our podcast and keep up-to-date with the conversation!

Long Description

In Episode 4 of our podcast, we explore the world of FinOps and the major challenges faced by teams on their FinOps journey. We ask important questions such as: What are the biggest obstacles that teams encounter today? How do commitments factor into the equation? And what does the evolving Spot market mean for teams?, We also examine the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) on FinOps. We discuss how AI/ML influences crucial aspects such as cost allocation and forecasting, automation, and day-to-day operations. We discuss the potential benefits and complexities that arise with the integration of AI/ML into financial operations. Looking towards the future, we contemplate the concept of "shifting left" in the development process. We discuss how this approach can empower teams to optimize their cloud resources effectively. We also explore emerging trends that will assist teams in operationalizing around cloud optimization, and discuss strategies that can help teams stay ahead of the game. We finish up with a fun time-warp question: What's your moonshot? We encourage our listeners to envision the extraordinary and contemplate innovative ideas that may seem far-fetched today but could become the standard in the future of FinOps. Join us in this captivating episode as we unravel the complexities of FinOps, AI/ML's impact on operations, emerging trends, and exciting possibilities for the future of cloud optimization. Stay tuned, engage with us, and share your thoughts! #AWSSavingsTools #AWSCommitments #OptimizingAWS #CostSavings #AWSExperts #CloudComputing #TechTalks #PodcastSeries #Engineering #CloudOptimization #CloudCosts #CloudManagement #podcast #FinOpsJourney #cloudoptimization #technology #innovation #futureofwork #costallocation #forecasting #automation #operations #thoughtleadership

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