AWS Optimization is even easier and more transparent with updates to nOps Essentials, the premier suite of automation tools for reducing cloud waste.

What’s New

Management of your cloud environment is now easier and more observable for DevOps engineers, with a host of new updates to nOps Cloud Optimization Essentials to simplify configuration and increase transparency. Starting today, you can access these new improvements directly from the nOps Essentials dashboard.

All-in-One Essential CloudFormation Stack

Our new Essentials page now utilizes a single, unified CloudFormation stack that supports all Essentials automation features (rightsizing, scheduling, idle resource cleanup, and storage optimization), and will also continue to support upcoming new features. This consolidation means less complexity and fewer steps for configuration.

Previously, multiple CF stacks were used to support each feature. This update eliminates the need for multiple stacks and simplifies the activation and updating processes. A single click now manages your entire automation workflow, significantly reducing the potential for errors and the overhead associated with maintaining multiple stacks. For more information, consult the documentation.

All-in-One Essential CloudFormation Stack

New Version Control

To further our commitment to transparency and ease of use, we’ve introduced a robust version control system. This feature allows you to easily see which version of a stack you’re using, the latest version available, and what will change when you make an update.

This makes it easy to see what you might need to update and why, for increased transparency and informed decision-making.

Update Event Bridge Stack

One-Click KMS integration

We’ve streamlined the management of AWS KMS keys. You can now automatically allow your AWS Lambda to use all available KMS keys to schedule or rightsize EC2 using encrypted volumes in just one click.

The new more scalable system allows for the automatic inclusion of all available KMS keys, removing the need to manually add keys for each resource. Permissions are granted only to the AWS Lambda created by the CF Stack in your own environment, following the security best practice of least privilege access.

How KMS Integration Works

Once you choose the respective option for Single or All KMS Keys, a unique CF Launch Stack URL is prepared with appropriate Execution Role that your Lambda uses.

Once you are redirected to the AWS CloudFormation page, you can review all the options and continue with an on screen prompt to launch the stack.

Once the stack successfully finishes, it adds permissions in your Lambda Execution role and provides the ability to successfully Rightsize or Schedule your EC2 with encrypted volumes.
To get started, consult the documentation.

More about nOps Essentials

nOps Essentials helps you continuously optimize your cloud environment for savings and performance. Features include:

  • Resource Scheduling: Leveraging ML, nOps Essentials learns your usage patterns to recommend optimal scheduling, automatically implementing approved suggestions via certified AWS EventBridge integration
  • Rightsizing: Simply plug in your CloudWatch or Datadog monitoring solution for the most accurate, reliable and data-backed rightsizing recommendations available
  • One-click EBS volume migration: nOps automatically and intelligently updates EBS configurations from gp2 to gp3, offering up to 20% in cost savings and facilitating bulk storage instance updates
  • One-click EBS snapshots cleanup: Automatically find and archive unused snapshots with a click, for risk-free effortless savings
  • One-click stop idle EC2 instances: Halt idle instances effortlessly, for immediate savings while retaining full operational flexibility with the option to reactivate instances as needed
  • One-click delete idle EBS volumes: Find and delete idle EBS volumes with the option to take a cost-effective snapshot for easy rollback

If you’re already on nOps…

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