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AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR)

Get the Most Out of Your AWS Infrastructure

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review helps you architect and  build applications and workloads that are secure, high-performing, reliable, scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable. 

nOps Free Well-Architected Framework Review

nOps integrates with AWS to automate the WAFR, making it fast and easy
for engineers to automatically conduct, report, and take action on your WAFR.

Simple Setup and Reporting

Empower your team to conduct a WAFR at any time — run and export your customized WAFR report in minutes.

Automated Recommendations

nOps integrates with your AWS account to automatically monitor and identify issues. It syncs your progress directly to the AWS WAFR tool via an ARN.

Continuous Monitoring 

nOps continually scans your environments and provides feedback on your workload configurations, with a suite of tools to make remediation easy.

Benefits of the nOps WAFR

Auto-Filling of Your WAFR

nOps scans your workloads to populate any infrastructure-related questions in your WAFR, saving significant engineering time

Understand and Act on Violations

Automatically view details of violations with hyperlinks back to the AWS console, making it easy to understand and act on recommendations

Automatic Progress Tracking

Know exactly where you are in your WAFR or other lenses and what you need to complete. See your progress at a glance and prioritize high-risk issues for remediation

Supports for AWS Lenses and Compliance Frameworks

Compliance and Workflow Features

To streamline and enhance your workflows, the nOps toolkit makes it easy to integrate all of your WAFR-related documentation and evidence in one place

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See nOps WAFR in action

1. Connect

Sign up for an nOps account and link it to your AWS account. No agent is required, just read-only access.

2. Conduct your Customized WAFR

nOps automatically scans your environment to fill out your WAFR. It intelligently recommends the most important high risk issues (HRIs) and helps you remediate them.

3. Continuous Tracking

Enjoy continual scanning of your environment so you’re always up-to-date.

How it Works

The nOps cloud optimization platform is purpose-built to help you implement the AWS Well-Architected Framework, while leveraging the power of automation to eliminate manual work.

Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

nOps also supports Amazon FTRs with the same robust features.

Benefits of the nOps Foundation Technical Review

Faster & More Accurate Results

Manual validation is slow and error-prone. Instantly autofill results and speed up your FTR with nOps automation.

Continuous Monitoring

Validate and continuously monitor compliance with FTR best practices through a single pane of glass, to manage risk on an ongoing basis.

Access FTR Benefits

An approved FTR enables partners to earn a “Reviewed by AWS” solutions badge. It also unlocks funding benefits and eligibility to participate in various AWS Partner Programs.

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