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EKS Optimization

Optimizing Amazon EKS Costs with nOps


A hands-on session focused on optimizing Amazon EKS costs. Engage in a detailed exploration of Amazon EKS pricing, and participate in live sessions on optimizing your EKS cluster and configuring it on nOps Compute Copilot for automated savings.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understanding Amazon EKS and Its Pricing Model: Get to grips with EKS fundamentals.
    • What is Amazon EKS?
    • Pricing
  • Ways to Optimize Your EKS Costs: Identify and solve issues for substantial cost savings.
  • Stateful Applications with Spot: Common challenges faced when using EC2 Auto Scaling Groups
  • Building Custom EKS Cost Dashboards:
    • Create a tailored report to track your EKS cost and usage.
    • Create a tailored report to track your EKS coverage report on commitments.
  • Configure Your first EKS cluster in nOps: Hands-on session on how to set up your first EKS cluster with nOps Compute Copilot solution.
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