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Category: Right Sizing

Get the latest in cloud infrastructure and cost optimization tactics that include step-by-step tutorials, how-to’s, and industry updates and trends.

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CloudWatch Instance Rightsizing: A Practical Guide

As macroeconomic conditions squeeze budgets, controlling cloud costs has overtaken security as the top cloud challenge organizations face. Many organizations are currently overspending, with EC2 (followed by RDS and S3) likely the most expensive item on your AWS bill. That’s

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How Much Does AWS EBS Storage Cost?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Elastic Block Storage (EBS) is a scalable, high performance EC2 storage.  You can use EBS to store persistent data, meaning the service will keep your data even when you terminate EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instances. With

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How Much Do AWS S3 Storage Classes Cost?

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the ultimate cloud storage service for users who want to build and deploy workloads seamlessly. It provides users with a fast, highly reliable, and scalable data storage platform that’s essentially inexpensive.  Despite the high

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How to Minimize AWS EBS Costs

AWS (Amazon Web Services) EBS costs contribute to a large percentage of your cloud bill. Knowing how to utilize your storage services is imperative to lower spending for your company. Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) is a scalable, high-performance block

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What are the Best AWS S3 Usage Best Practices?

Data stored in AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service) storage is highly useful. AWS storage offers numerous benefits such as high availability, scalability, and cost savings. As a result, any organization migrating its operations to the cloud or

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