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Stop Idle EC2 Instances With One Click

Stop Idle EC2 Instances With One Click

AWS accounts often accumulate unused EC2 instances over time. These instances, often remnants of workload migrations, auto-scaling misconfigurations, developmental tests, or orphaned resources from discontinued projects, drive up unnecessary costs without delivering value.  Stopping idle instances is one of the

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AWS ECS vs EKS featured image

AWS EKS Vs. ECS: The Ultimate Guide

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, containerization has emerged as a cornerstone of application deployment and management. By encapsulating applications and their dependencies into containers, organizations can achieve unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and portability levels. Amazon Web Services offers two main

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Horizontal vs vertical scaling featured image

Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling: HPA, VPA & Beyond

Kubernetes offers an optimal environment for orchestrating containerized applications, featuring robust tools to optimize resource usage and reduce costs. A key player in this optimization game is autoscaling — a mechanism that not only ensures operation efficiency but also drives

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Featured image for the product announcement blog titled “Compute Copilot Now Supports AWS ECS”

Compute Copilot Now Supports AWS ECS

Many organizations are currently overspending on the cloud — and EC2 is typically the biggest culprit, driving 30-50+% of costs. To tackle this problem, Compute Copilot now integrates with ECS (Elastic Container Service), the leading native AWS EC2 management service. It automates the scheduling

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Featured image for the announce blog titled “Compute Copilot Now Supports Cluster Autoscaler

Compute Copilot Now Supports Cluster Autoscaler

As many tech organizations shift more resources to Kubernetes, cost-optimizing EKS is increasingly crucial. Yet, teams often lack the time and sophisticated tools needed to continually monitor and optimize cloud resources. Recognizing this need, Compute Copilot now supports the two

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Featured image of the blog: Maximize Savings On Mixed-Instance ASGs

Maximize Savings On Mixed-Instance ASGs

If you’re currently using Spot to save on your ASG costs, you’re familiar with the complexity and time needed to cost-optimize your commitment usage and choosing the best Spot instances for your workloads. Compute Copilot was created to make it

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