Many organizations are currently overspending on the cloud — and EC2 is typically the biggest culprit, driving 30-50+% of costs.

To tackle this problem, Compute Copilot now integrates with ECS (Elastic Container Service), the leading native AWS EC2 management service. It automates the scheduling and scaling of your workloads to maximize stability and cost savings — all with minimal engineering intervention.

Compute Copilot makes it easy to confidently take advantage of Spot savings

Spot instances can save you 70-90% on your ECS costs, but using Spot manually with ECS alone is an extremely complex and time-consuming task. Here’s how Compute Copilot makes it easier:

Without nOps

With nOps

You only have a 2-minute Spot termination warning

Copilot’s ML automatically predicts Spot termination 60 minutes in advance

Your ECS containers must be able to sustain sudden Spot termination with zero impact

Copilot continually moves your workloads onto diverse instance types, gracefully draining nodes in the process

Spot market pricing & availability is constantly changing

Copilot automatically selects the safest, cheapest Spot instances for you, or On-Demand if needed

Copilot navigates these challenges and more seamlessly on your behalf with automated real-time instance reconsideration. This proactive approach allows you to benefit from Spot savings effortlessly, with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

How it works:

An illustration of the working mechanism of Compute Copilot for AWS ECS.
  • Scaling Operation: AWS triggers a launch of a new instance due to the scaling operation by adjusting the DesiredCapacity of the ASG. This scaling operation could be by native AWS or from a custom controller
  • Compute Copilot Lambda Activation: Whenever the ASG (that is configured with Compute Copilot) launches a new On-Demand instance (e.g., in response to a desired capacity change), the Compute Copilot Lambda is activated.
  • Spot Instance Launch: The Compute Copilot Lambda responds by automatically launching a Spot instance with the mirror configuration of the On-Demand instance.
  • Attachment to ASG: The Spot instance is seamlessly attached to the ASG that is a capacity provider for the ECS cluster confirming its serviceability.
  • Graceful Task Draining and Instance Removal: With AWS Managed Task Draining enabled, the instance will be sent into a terminating:Wait state by AWS. This will drain all of the active tasks on the node.  

With Managed Task Draining, instances are gracefully terminated by (1) safely stopping running tasks, (2) launching replacement tasks on non-terminating instances, and (3) delaying instance termination until all tasks have stopped. For more information on how Copilot for ECS works, consult the documentation.

At nOps, our mission is to make it easy for engineers to optimize costs, so they can focus on building and innovating. With our platform, there’s no longer a reason to manually manage workloads; Copilot does it for you more effectively and at a lower cost.

And there’s no vendor lock-in — Copilot updates configurations in your AWS-native tools,  meaning no major architecture update is needed to onboard or offboard. Plug it in or walk away at any time.

Join our customers using nOps to cut cloud costs and leverage automation with complete confidence by booking a demo today!