Rightsizing your EC2 instances plays a critical role in containing costs and fully harnessing the potential of your AWS resources. However, collecting the data needed to effectively rightsize can be difficult and time-consuming.

nOps now integrates with your AWS-native CloudWatch, for effortless rightsizing savings. We now automatically analyze every EC2 instance in your environment for CloudWatch recommendations, which you can apply with one click on the platform.

For high-resolution recommendations, we also automatically ingest enhanced CloudWatch data from every instance with  CloudWatch Agents. Real-time coverage of resource-level insights such as memory, CPU, network bandwidth, volume size and more are fed into nOps’s state-of-the-art ML engine — for the most reliable rightsizing recommendations.

Rightsize with nOps for:

  • The best rightsizing recommendations available. nOps automatically collects and analyzes highly granular data, for 100% accurate and reliable rightsizing recommendations.
  • Significant time savings. nOps integrates with the two most popular AWS monitoring solutions (CloudWatch Agent or Datadog) and EventBridge. It automates the complex and time-consuming rightsizing process into a single click — freeing up engineers to build and innovate.
  • Up to 50% in immediate cost savings. When engineers don’t act on rightsizing recommendations, underutilized and idle resources continue to drive unnecessary AWS costs. nOps make it completely pain free and effortless for engineers to actually act on recommendations and start saving.
    Screenshot of the nOps dashboard shows your rightsizing savings
    One-click rightsizing, right from nOps using EventBridge

How It Works

  1. nOps integrates with your CloudWatch or CloudWatch Agent to collect all of the metrics needed for rightsizing recommendations, based on your last 15 days of usage. Our API queriesyour data every 24 hours and saves it in S3.
    Screenshot of the nOps dashboard shows your rightsizing savings
    CloudWatch metrics used for rightsizing
  2. We quickly and efficiently process huge amounts of data from S3, crossed-referenced with AWS EC2 metadata and the latest AWS On-Demand pricing data. These three sources of data are combined and fed through a Rightsizing Engine, to accept or reject each individual EC2 instance based on its utilization (resulting in recommendations for only underutilized resources).

    Each of your instances is analyzed taking all relevant info into account, such as the metrics necessary for your particular operating system. For each instance in your environment, we make the following calculations:

    • Max Disk usage
    • Max Network usage
    • Max RAM utilization (depending on which version you have)
    • Max CPU utilization

    Our rightsizing algorithm compares maximum recorded usage against the capacity of a lower instance type, multiplied by a threshold value that accounts for potential future usage spikes. AWS Recommends using 80% of the lower size’s capacity as a benchmark.

  3. These rightsizing recommendations are then pushed to nOps microservices, that are responsible for showing recommendations from the nOps platform on the UI.
    The nOps dashboard shows your rightsizing savings
    The nOps dashboard shows your rightsizing savings
  4. Every 24 hours the process runs from top to bottom.

About nOps

nOps was recently ranked #1 in G2’s cloud cost management category.

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