Announcing Support for the Sustainability Pillar

AWS recently introduced the Sustainability Pillar for the AWS Well-Architected Framework to help organizations learn, measure, and improve their workloads using environmental best practices for cloud computing. Similar to the other pillars, the Sustainability Pillar contains questions aimed at evaluating the design, architecture, and implementation of your workloads to reduce their energy consumption and improve their efficiency. The pillar is designed as a tool to track your progress toward policies and best practices that support a more sustainable future, not just a simple checklist. 

nOps automatically supports the recently released Sustainability Pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Questions for the Sustainability Pillar from the Well-Architected Framework Review are fully integrated into the nOps platform. 

How to get there:

Navigate to your existing Workloads. Click on the ComplianceOps Tab.

Click Assessment.

See questions directly from the WAFR regarding the Sustainability Pillar.

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