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Get the latest in cloud infrastructure and cost optimization tactics that include step-by-step tutorials, how-to’s, and industry updates and trends.

AWS ASG Warm Pools: The Ultimate Guide

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Warm Pools help applications scale out faster and operate more efficiently. With Warm Pools, users can improve the elasticity of their applications by creating a pool of pre-initialized EC2 instances that are ready to quickly serve

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New Warm Pool support for nOps Copilot

New Warm Pool support for nOps Copilot

We’re excited to unveil new Warm Pool support for Copilot for ASGs. Now, Auto Scaling Groups with Warm Pools enabled are compatible with Compute Copilot, so you can benefit from Spot savings across the full range of your ASGs without

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Horizontal vs vertical scaling featured image

Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling: HPA, VPA & Beyond

Kubernetes offers an optimal environment for orchestrating containerized applications, featuring robust tools to optimize resource usage and reduce costs. A key player in this optimization game is autoscaling — a mechanism that not only ensures operation efficiency but also drives

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Featured image of the blog: Maximize Savings On Mixed-Instance ASGs

Maximize Savings On Mixed-Instance ASGs

If you’re currently using Spot to save on your ASG costs, you’re familiar with the complexity and time needed to cost-optimize your commitment usage and choosing the best Spot instances for your workloads. Compute Copilot was created to make it

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