Spend reduction is a top priority in today’s economic climate. And for businesses leveraging AWS and EC2, rightsizing plays a critical role in containing costs and fully harnessing the potential of your resources. Many tools offer rightsizing recommendations, but engineers often don’t act on them. That’s because:

Rightsizing recommendations are frequently wrong. Reliable recommendations require granular historical data on memory, utilization, network bandwidth, volume size, and more. This data is difficult to collect and analyze. As a result, engineers don’t trust recommendations are accurate, and don’t act on them. 

Acting on recommendations is complex and incredibly time-consuming. Cumbersome resource investigation, ticketing processes, manually editing Terraform and more means rightsizing initiatives can be a multimonth IT resource time sink.

Datadog and nOps to the rescue

To make rightsizing easier and more effective for teams, Datadog and nOps have partnered together. Via a one-click integration with no additional costs or steps, nOps builds on the end-to-end visibility provided by Datadog to revolutionize your rightsizing and commitment management.

Datadog’s cloud monitoring and analytics provides engineers with real-time coverage of resource-level insights such as memory, CPU, and storage — granting nOps full visibility into the exact data needed for 100% accurate rightsizing recommendations. 

nOps’s automated FinOps platform then makes it insanely easy for engineers to take action. Via integration with your tools and frameworks (Terraform, Eventbridge…), nOps fully automates months of work to apply recommendations into mere seconds. 

Here’s how this natural partnership is changing the game. It grants you:

Complete Rightsizing Confidence. Datadog’s comprehensive logging and monitoring data is fed into nOps’s state-of-the-art ML engine. These data-backed recommendations are visualizable in an easy-to-scan dashboard which proves reliability and accuracy to engineers beyond a shadow of a doubt — giving them the confidence to act on recommendations.

Hours of Time Savings. With the platform, it takes five seconds to make a changeset, accept the changeset, and push it out. nOps automates away all the work and complexity, freeing up engineers to focus on other meaningful projects. One click to accept the recommendation and you are done.

Vast Cost Savings. When engineers don’t act on rightsizing recommendations, underutilized and idle resources continue to drive unnecessary AWS costs — leading to thousands in missed savings accumulating every day. nOps make it completely pain free and effortless for engineers to actually act on recommendations for up to 50% in immediate cost savings

Risk free, hands-off commitment management. Once you accept rightsizing recommendations, nOps automatically provisions and deprovisions commitments into your environment. As a result, you benefit from the savings of RIs, with all the flexibility of on-demand.

Get started with nOps nSwitch Essentials

Datadog integration is just the latest feature of nSwitch Essentials, as we continually strive to make cloud cost optimization easy for engineering teams. It offers:

  • Actionable recommendations via intuitive data tools. Engineers are empowered to review recommendations and take action to improve resource allocation with minimal effort.
  • Auto-enhancement of EBS storage. Once you approve a recommendation, nSwitch Essentials automates away laborious tasks like changing candidate volumes from gp2 to gp3. It also intelligently updates configurations on resources not yet controlled by IaC.
  • Complete security and reliability. nSwitch Essentials integrates with your system and tools to keep your IaC in sync with your resources.

nOps was recently ranked #1 in G2’s cloud cost management category — and together with Datadog, the savings are reaching new heights.

Join our customers already using nSwitch Essentials for up to 50% in immediate cost savings by booking a demo today!