Automatically optimize your EBS storage and save up to 20% immediately!

Feeling overwhelmed by countless cost optimization recommendations in your AWS environment?

Supercharge your cost optimization efforts with nSwitch Essentials.  Leverage Git and Terraform integrations to streamline, enhance efficiency, and maximize cloud cost savings.


Are you struggling to take action on the thousands of cost optimization recommendations in your AWS environment?

Do available cost automation tools miss the mark because of missing integration with your Infrastructure as Code and engineering process?

Now You Can!

Act on reconfiguration recommendations with single-click automation

Automatically open pull requests for your engineering team to review and accept

Schedule optimization for any resource in your environment, regardless of whether it was built with IaC

Review, select, and act on resource optimizations in single, bulk operations

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Use Cases

nOps Changesets integrates with Git and Terraform to streamline the process of identifying and fixing code related to storage optimization. This not only reduces manual work but also speeds up the process of implementing cost-saving measures.

using nOps certified integration with Amazon EventBridge, we can intelligently update configurations on resources that are not controlled by IaC. This results in up to 20% cost savings and enables organizations to enact bulk automated updates of storage, further increasing efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate with GitLab and GitHub, providing a centralized hub to manage recommendations. Empower engineers to take action, make efficient decisions, and continuously improve resource allocation.

How it Works

Leverage our Git and Terraform integrations to receive automated pull requests to your Terraform codebase, improve efficiency, and optimize cloud cost savings.

Getting Started

1. Sign up and add your
accounts to the free nOps

2. Set-up your Eventbridge, Git,
and Terraform integration in minutes - supported by CloudFormation.

3. Review Essentials optimization opportunities and fix them with
just one click.


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