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Get the latest in cloud infrastructure and cost optimization tactics that include step-by-step tutorials, how-to’s, and industry updates and trends.

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Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling: HPA, VPA & Beyond

Kubernetes offers an optimal environment for orchestrating containerized applications, featuring robust tools to optimize resource usage and reduce costs. A key player in this optimization game is autoscaling — a mechanism that not only ensures operation efficiency but also drives

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Compute Copilot Now Supports Cluster Autoscaler

As many tech organizations shift more resources to Kubernetes, cost-optimizing EKS is increasingly crucial. Yet, teams often lack the time and sophisticated tools needed to continually monitor and optimize cloud resources. Recognizing this need, Compute Copilot now supports the two

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A Comprehensive Guide to Kubernetes Autoscaling

Scalability is one of the core features of Kubernetes. Automating the scaling process simplifies overall resource management which would have otherwise taken intensive manual efforts to achieve. Autoscaling allows users to automatically adjust the number of resources according to the

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