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Karpenter Optimization

Optimizing Amazon EKS Cluster Costs with nOps and Karpenter


This hands-on session is dedicated to optimizing EKS costs with nOps Compute Copilot.

Key Learning Areas

  • Challenges of Managing Spot Instances in EKS Clusters: Dive into the complexities of using spot instances within EKS clusters, including the risks of sudden terminations and how they affect your applications. We’ll explore the intricacies of managing diverse spot fleets and scaling them efficiently.
  • Solutions with nOps Compute Copilot: Discover how nOps Compute Copilot, in conjunction with, offers innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles of using spot instances in EKS clusters.
  • Practical Implementation and Best Practices: Get hands-on experience with setting up a Karpenter-managed EKS cluster through nOps Compute Copilot. Learn how to effectively manage spot instances, ensuring cost efficiency without compromising on performance.
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