nOps Mission

To make your AWS infrastructure sing. Really.

nOps is designed to help rapid-growth companies build, manage, and run a well-architected AWS infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent. And, to help you keep it that way through continuous compliance.

DevOps DNA

nOps was created in the field, not in the lab, with hundreds of real-world engagements. Fast-moving, cloud-native DevOps teams that need instant visibility to changes in their AWS environments in order to manage resource utilization, cost, security, and compliance. Not finding anything to meet their needs, they created the early versions of nOps. And integrated DevOps best practices as nOps was shaped.


Inspired by the Award-Winning, World-Class Team at nClouds

Those DevOps teams are part of nClouds — among the world’s most credentialed AWS and DevOps consulting organizations.

  • AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner (one of just 86 worldwide)
  • A leading AWS Well-Architected Partner
  • Audited and certified AWS MSP
  • Certified AWS DevOps competency
  • Certified AWS Migration competency
  • Approved AWS Marketplace Seller
  • HfS Research Hot Vendor 2018
  • Winner - DevOps Dozen 2017 - Best New DevOps Solutions Company

The nOps Team

nOps was spun out of nClouds as a separate company in 2017 as it became obvious that other AWS consulting partners were excited about using nOps. Now, at the center of the nOps organization is an experienced, world-class product engineering team that runs weekly sprints and pushes new product updates live daily.


nOps Product Trajectory

The nOps product roadmap is based on input from nOps users, AWS and other partners, and market requirements, as well as nClouds and other cloud consultants with deep experience in AWS infrastructure and DevOps. The nOps SaaS solution is fully instrumented, providing the team with real-time, real-world feedback on product feature usage and opportunities for improvements.


Get started today with nOps cloud management for AWS

Monitor, analyze, and manage AWS changes, costs, performance, security, and compliance.