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Shared service cost

Best Practices for Allocating Shared Services Costs


Learn how to allocate shared services costs across your different cost centers so it’s easy to understand where nat gateway, data transfer, and other costs are coming from. This session will show you how nOps can make this task easier, offering a more straightforward approach than the usual AWS tools.One time setup so you can automatically see these costs every month.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understanding Shared Services Costs: Dive into the importance of accurately allocating shared services costs to ensure clear budgeting and make informed decisions.
  • Solutions with nOps Compute Copilot: Discover how nOps Compute Copilot, in conjunction with Karpenter.io, offers innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles of using spot instances in EKS clusters.
  • Allocate your shared service costs using nOps: Discover the simplicity of using nOps for cost allocation, highlighting its advantages over standard AWS tools.
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