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nOps Business Contexts

How It Works

nOps Business Contexts gives our users the unparalleled ability to access and allocate every dollar of their cloud spend in realtime.

We allow users to access years worth of cloud billing data in an interactive environment, which could easily amount to millions or billions of rows of data across thousands of billing dimensions.

Now You can!

LakeHouse Architecture:

Lakehouse allows us to store structured and unstructured data in a central data lake while providing a metadata inquiry layer that is suitable for both data transformation and preserving data in formats for ML workflows.

Apache Druid real-time analytics database:

By using Apache Druid, we provide you with the capability to quickly interact with your data and build custom filters and allocation rules without having to run a background report or experience any slowdowns. Druid provides subsecond queries without having to pre-cash.

Build a comprehensive business context by marrying CUR with resource metadata:

When a new billing file is generated, we load both cost and usage data into a Spark data frame. We then marry and transform the data into a highly optimized version, which we write back into the Parquet format.

nOps Auto-Scaling algorithm:

In order to ingest data in parallel across thousands of customers at scale, we’ve built an auto-scaling algorithm that allows us to dynamically scale Druids Middle Managers to ensure that our clients always have access to the latest data.

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