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Frequently Asked Questions

nOps is an automated FinOps platform that specifically caters to AWS customers, helping them reduce their costs by up to 50% on auto-pilot. With nOps, our customers can benefit in two key ways: First, pay less for what you use without the financial risk. Second, nOps enables you to use less by automatically pausing idle resources.

nOps offers a range of solutions to help organizations optimize their cloud usage. Its primary offerings include:

  • Cloud Management Platform: enables effective cloud management
  • Cloud Visibility: provides dashboards, custom reports, and recommendations for increased visibility
  • Cost Allocation: supports chargebacks, showbacks, and tagging for cost allocation
  • Commitment Management: offers no-risk/no-commitment EC2 & RDS RI/SPs for optimized cost management
  • nSwitch (Resource Scheduler): automatically pauses idle resources to reduce costs
  • AWS Cloud Migration: maximizes MAP funding, automatically tags resources, and tracks credits for efficient cloud migration
  • Well-Architected Framework Review: automates WAFR assessment & report for optimal cloud architecture
  • Readiness Lenses: supports WAR, FTR, SOC2, HIPAA, CIS compliance assessments for a range of regulations and frameworks.

It is $0 to sign-up and entirely risk-free and commitment free.

nOps will only deduct a percentage of the realized net-savings. Meaning you only get charged a portion of what the nOps platform saves you!You can explore the pricing options under nOps Pricing.

When the Payer account is configured, nOps processes a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) file for billing and usage data. It also leverages the AWS API system through a read-only role to gather metadata about your resources, without seeing any application data across all configured accounts. AWS CloudTrail and Cloudwatch are also used to get resource change and performance data.

The time for onboarding onto the nOps platform program is 8-10 minutes depending on the number of accounts.

The average onboarding time for the ShareSave Risk Free Commitment Management program is 5 minutes.

At nOps, we take security very seriously, and all AWS account details are stored in a highly secure format. Our site is SSL-enabled, ensuring that sensitive data is encrypted in transit. We also take extra precautions with user-sensitive data, first encrypting it in the browser and then re-encrypting it with a more secure algorithm (RSA 2048 and SHA-256) once it reaches our servers.

Furthermore, all web connections are sent via 256-bit SSL, providing our users a secure and reliable experience. Our commitment to security ensures that your AWS account details and sensitive data remain protected at all times while using nOps.

Yes, you can onboard an Organization with multiple AWS linked accounts to nOps. Our platform gives you a centralized view of your AWS infrastructure across different accounts allowing you to easily monitor and optimize your AWS environment.

nOps offers a powerful search feature that enables you to easily find a particular server or infrastructure within your AWS environment. This search function lets you quickly locate specific resources, identify issues, and take necessary actions. With nOps, you can save time and increase efficiency by quickly accessing the necessary information without manually navigating through multiple AWS dashboards or tools.

To ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information about your AWS environment, nOps refreshes asset data every 60 minutes and fetches billing data once a day.

You may notice discrepancies between the billing information in your AWS account and the details displayed in nOps for a few certain reasons. For example, there could be a difference due to credits, taxes, or adjustments made by AWS. Additionally, timing can be a factor, as nOps ingests billing data once every 24 hours from the daily billing files that AWS puts into your billing bucket.

nOps currently supports integration with a variety of popular tools and services, including AWS Service Catalog, Jira Software, Slack, HipChat, and email. These integrations allow you to easily automate change management, monitor incidents, and receive notifications about important events and updates in your AWS environment.

Absolutely. nOps provides comprehensive reports that can help you address security audit questions related to cloud changes in your AWS environment. With nOps, you can quickly and easily generate reports that show all changes made to your cloud infrastructure, including who made the changes, when they were made, and what the changes were. This information can be invaluable when it comes to conducting security audits and demonstrating compliance with industry standards and regulations.

No limits exist to the number of events or change requests that can be monitored and tracked in nOps. The platform is designed to handle large volumes of data and provide real-time insights into your AWS environment.

nOps provides a Slackbot integration that allows you to create change requests directly from a Slack channel. The nOps Slackbot monitors your Slack conversations for keywords and will prompt you to take action, such as creating a change request in nOps. This integration can help you streamline your workflows and collaborate more effectively with your team, all from within the Slack interface. Check our help page to see how to configure Slack bot for nOps.

The ShareSave program is risk free and commitment free; there are no minimum contracts.

Any unused hours from ShareSave commitments will be credited to your monthly fees. The nOps ShareSave program guarantees 100% utilization of the commitments we manage.

Many of our customers have tried buying their own commitments at some point, so nOps is designed to only look at what isn’t already being covered by a commitment.

In the ShareSave pane of the platform, there is a tab for ShareSave Realized, which will itemize all of the resources which received RI/SP benefit.

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