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The first meeting will be to answer your general questions and to populate your cloud data in the right format for us to analyze (it takes about 24 hours to import).

Please be able to or bring someone that:

  • Has Admin rights to your AWS account
  • Can create a cloud formation stack

The second meeting we will get into exact issues and opportunities you can do to optimize your cloud. You can expect to go over topics such as:

  • Creating workloads to track resources across business units to create operational accountability.
  • Automated management of reserved instances to maximize your spend without any commitments.
  • Auto-discovery of unoptimized resources with detailed frameworks for remediation.

At the end of the third meeting you will receive a custom report that has detailed and customized insights on optimizations for your AWS account. If you need help fixing those issues and keeping your cloud under control then we are happy to show you nOps and a 30-day free trial.

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