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How to Real-Time Manage AWS Cloud

With modern applications, it is possible to real-time manage the AWS cloud. AWS cloud engineers can use Amazon CloudWatch, a dashboard that displays real-time activities. It stores computer data for a reasonable period. Real-time monitoring and management can help to instantly identify activities that threaten the security of your cloud system.

What AWS Apps Help in Real-Time Management?

Real-time management apps range from CloudTrail, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Kinesis, and much more. 

Service Function
Amazon CloudTrailFor real-time monitoring, you must log almost all account activities. You must log all processes in the console, including all commands and AWS services. CloudTrail is a service that logs activity continuously.
Amazon CloudWatchCloudWatch lets you manage metrics in real time by setting trigger alarms. This service tracks AWS resources and applications. Once you have logged events, CloudWatch can execute a trigger to feed AWS Kinesis Data Firehose with information. This service tracks AWS resources and applications. By automatically reacting to real-time events, CloudWatch makes it possible to manage the AWS cloud in real time.
Amazon KinesisYou can gain real-time visibility of your account in Kinesis. While Kinesis Data Analytics processes data, Kinesis Data streams receive processed data.
Amazon S3 BucketThis application archives events from CloudWatch.
Amazon Kinesis Video StreamsAWS users can stream insights from their accounts via video using Kinesis video streams. It encrypts captured videos and has a playback feature. Users can add tools and APIs to process video for machine learning or decision-making purposes.
AWS LambdaLambda receives the processed data and reads it. From here, data goes to Amazon DynamoDB for table visualization.
Amazon CloudFront               Content has to reach users via a content delivery network. That is CloudFront. Its lightning speed ensures content reaches users in real time.


There are several ways to real-time manage the AWS cloud. When it comes to real-time management, your goal determines the application you choose. Some of the goals include:

  • Real-time processing of data
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of your cloud applications and tools
  • Real-time data integration
  • Real-time logging of AWS activities
  • Real-time monitoring of your whole AWS infrastructure.

Regardless of your goal, AWS has an overwhelming number of tools to help you complete almost every task. nOps, a premium AWS Partner, has a tool to help in real-time monitoring of the five main security pillars, also known as the Well-Architected Framework. Glancing at the dashboard, you can assess whether you’re compliant. Real-time health scoring of your infrastructure against industry standards, such as NIST, HIPAA, SOC 2, can help you get ready for scaling. 

In addition, nOps has real-time monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. You can automate security audits and get instant notifications whenever there’s an anomaly. It gives the flexibility to approach and mitigate situations faster. Users can use the nOps dashboard for live monitoring of EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and networking usage. With deep visibility, the tool allows you to monitor almost every resource. Learn more about nOps live features to help manage your AWS cloud in real time.