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You’re Paying More For Less Cloud

Users who switch from CloudCheckr to nOps save 40% on average

These Leaders Trust Us For Their Cloud Management

Better Pricing and More Cloud Savings

nOps provides you with way more advanced features at a fraction of the price.

We don’t try to rope you in with a convoluted and expensive pricing model like Cloudcheckr. At nOps, we provide flat, transparent and affordable pricing plans that provide unlimited users’ coverage.

And we also save you more…

Multi-Cloud Reporting and Visibility is Unparalleled

nOps is the only Cloud Management Platform providing you with integrated AWS and Azure Cost Reporting features, all in a unified  Single Pane of Glass MultiCloud Dashboard. Stay in the loop with your constantly evolving infrastructure.

nOps provides near-instant visibility to changes in your cloud environment and configuration history, along with continuous notifications of security risks and detailed audit trails.

We Make Well-Architected a Priority

Unlike the native AWS or Azure Well-Architected tool which CloudCheckr redirects you to, nOps also auto-detects your AWS resources that aren’t compliant in addition to asking you the key questions.

nOps helps you get your applications, accounts, and AWS resources aligned with Well-Architected. It goes deeper to give you the same cost optimization features as CloudCheckr with analysis and recommendations for RIs, Saving Plans, Spot Instances, and more. Using nOps Rules, Well-Architected best practices are codified and tested against the running environment continuously. This feature is unique in cloud management tools and is one reason that people choose nOps over the native AWS Well-Architected tool.

Workload Customization and Organizational Alignment

Today’s cloud applications have millions of resources, most of which are unallocated and lack ownership.
This lack of ownership makes it impossible to manage cloud finances and maintain security posture. nOps eliminates the reliance on humans for enforcing best practices.

We are the first CloudOps platform designed to sync revenue growth across your teams. Every cloud resource is easily tagged and aligned across your business. This allows for operational accountability, ultimately faster development, and lower costs. With nOps you get:

Cloudcheckr is Complex

A lot of features can accrue over ten years, but do they make sense together? Sometimes having a hundred features is not a good thing when the user just wants to answer the question, “What changed to make my AWS costs go up 20%?”

These accrued features need to go on the screen somewhere and can lead to overly complex menus and navigation that frustrate users.

CloudCheckr is frustratingly slow.

Perhaps the most common comment we hear from customers that make the swap to nOps is the speed of navigation to the answers and the responsiveness of the application.

nOps is built with the latest serverless software architecture using the power of AWS scale and speed to process large datasets and complex queries very quickly. It also hasn’t accrued technical debt, feature bloat, or any of the other things that cause application entropy over time.

nOps updates its view of your AWS accounts every hour, so you always have the latest, real-time view. It also has a very fast fuzzy search feature that means you can fly around your AWS accounts very quickly. As a result, important findings like Reserved Instance recommendations and security violations are almost real-time.

How to Migrate from CloudCheckr to nOps

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Update any users and processes around new functionality and features, such as change management, well-architected and improved reporting.

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