Accelerate revenue and deal velocity with cloudOps by nOps

Your all-in-one GTM Cloud Practice

As an MSP, SI or independent consultancy - getting revenue growth is only part of the battle. You want to bring your clients a unique and impactful value proposition — which your team can implement and build as a practice.

nOps has teamed up with leading partners to deliver exactly this - in a way that nobody else has - because nobody else has our cloudOps skills and expertise. Plus, we've white-labeled our platform in a way that lets you snap-in clients to quickly and easily identify targeted opportunities which are impactful to your clients.


Capture over a 60% win rate in cloud assessments when using nOps as sales engagement tool.

Use nOps in pre-sales for winning new customers through assessments (i.e WAFR, FTR)
Reveal unoptimized resources to drive high-value engagements across your client portfolio
Generate more SOWs and grow your reseller business
Simple element shots@2x

Triple your deal velocity across your client portfolio

Continually identify HRIs and new services your customers are experimenting with
Streamline customer onboarding
Full partner billing capabilities

About nOps Partner Supercharger Program

nOps enables the nextGen cloud practice. nOps provides a single pane of glass where partners can invoice, assess their customers cloud health, create SOW's, set spend chargebacks & budgets, manage compliance alarms and — drive your portfolio's cloud excellence.

Redeem Cloud Partner Credits
Achieve Discounted Rate for Volumes
Quarterly Team Training
Co-branded nOps collateral, webinars and AWS and Azure content
Exposure to AWS passthrough leads

nOps is a great example of a partner who is not only innovating on behalf of their customers but also innovating to help other partners.

Using nOps, we have helped customers achieve impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. Simply put, nOps enables us to build better architecture faster for our customers. It really fits our DevOps culture.

The nOps automated program saves up to 95% in execution time compared to a standard Review.

Using nOps, we can execute an AWS Well-Architected Review four times faster than it would take to do a standard assessment — and with far more detail and accuracy. We have 100% acceptance of our remediation proposals using nOps for Well-Architected Reviews.


Partners Set Up For Success