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Business Contexts

Is your AWS bill a big mystery?

Does your organization battle with teams taking ownership of their cloud bill? Do you have difficulty keeping track of expenses and staying within your Cloud budget?
nOps free ML continuously allocates AWS costs, handles tag misconfiguration, and spreads shared costs to multiple teams and business units.

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nOps adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs, with no human intervention.

How Do Business Contexts Work?

Cost Allocation

Organizing your cloud spend is simplified with nOps new Business Contexts cost allocation. nOps gives you the ability to see all the unallocated resources and non-resources that drive your cloud spend and allocate them to a Business Contexts. Then, configure rules to automate the allocation of unallocated costs which makes it easy to always stay organized

Cost Control

You can save Showback reports based on any combination of filters, see the cost breakdown based on the Showbacks and values, and download the report as CSV.


nOps allows you to create multiple dashboards based on your needs with the ability to mark any of them as your default dashboard and add widgets from saved showback reports and showbacks themselves so that you can have visual insights on the things which are more relevant to your operational and business needs.

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