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Reduce your AWS costs by 50% on auto-pilot

Free DevOps resources and maximize EC2 savings with AI-driven Reserved Instances Automation

  • Risk-free commitment Management

  • Automatically pause idle resources

  • Automatically automatize your EKS cost

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How Do ShowBacks Work?

nOps adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs, with no human intervention.
Cost Allocation

Organizing your cloud spend is simplified with nOps new showbacks cost allocation. nOps gives you the ability to see all the unallocated resources and non-resources that drive your cloud spend and allocate them to a showback. Then, configure rules to automate the allocation of unallocated costs which makes it easy to always stay organized

Cost Control

You can save Showback reports based on any combination of filters, see the cost breakdown based on the Showbacks and values, and download the report as CSV.


nOps allows you to create multiple dashboards based on your needs with the ability to mark any of them as your default dashboard and add widgets from saved showback reports and showbacks themselves so that you can have visual insights on the things which are more relevant to your operational and business needs.

Innovative companies already love what we do for them. Now it’s your turn.

"The ShareSave program has been great for us because we get a benefit of the savings without having to do the same level of commit. We get the best of both worlds in terms of our price footprint and mitigating our risk as far as trying new workflows and onboarding onto AWS. We have gone 40X, if not more, in the last 12-18 months in terms of our monthly AWS spend. So it's not insignificant. Those places where we can find 5-10% savings, that's real money. Having the support for that has been really helpful for us."
- Craig McEldowney
CTO & Co-Founder, Ottera
"Working with nOps has taken me from a position of complete unknown to actually understanding my costs. Our costs were totally out of control, no predictability. But with nOps, things changed almost overnight. It pinpointed where my costs were growing and why they were growing. I was able to attack those costs and bring them down and forecast for my CEO. Working with ShareSave has worked really well for us. On average, we are saving at least 15-20% each month."
- Greg Shaurette
Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Efabless
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