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Cut Cloud Waste & Pay Only For What You Need

Reduce Waste & Optimize Cloud Spend

Reliable Recommendations

nOps analyzes at the resource-level (memory, CPU, network bandwidth and storage) for the most trustworthy, accurate recommendations available

Rightsize with Confidence

nOps only shows you optimization opportunities requiring no service interruptions, so you can act with complete confidence nothing will break

One-click Rightsizing

nOps seamlessly integrates with your preferred tools & services, making it ultra-easy and quick to apply recommendations

Safe, Easy, & Effortless Rightsizing

When engineers don’t act on rightsizing recommendations, underutilized and idle resources continue to drive unnecessary costs. nOps make it painless and fast to start saving — so engineers can focus on building and innovating rather than cleaning up cloud waste.

EC2 Rightsizing

ASG Rightsizing

See nOps
Rightsizing in Action

How it Works

nOps processes massive amounts of your granular CloudWatch or Datadog data, cross-referenced with AWS EC2 metadata and the latest AWS On-Demand pricing data. These sources are fed through nOps’s ML engine to generate highly reliable recommendations.

1. Connect

Connect your Datadog or CloudWatch Agent to find out exactly how much you can save.

3. Continuous Optimization

Enjoy continual scanning of your instances so you’re always up-to-date on rightsizing savings

2. Review Recommendations

Retain full control over which recommendations get applied.

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