The NextGen AWS Managed Service Provider Checklist

To run a sustainable managed service business in today’s highly competitive business environment, Managed Service Provider (MSPs) must go the extra mile to differentiate their services from the competition. This is because fast-growing modern companies want to scale quickly while reaping all possible cost and performance benefits from their AWS cloud adoption.

MSPs who want to win customer’s trust must provide next-generation, comprehensive cloud solutions to meet and exceed their prospective clients’ expectations. Achieving this sounds like an uphill task, but this is exactly why AWS created the MSP program.



AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program

The AWS MSP Program was created to build MSP Partners capable of providing transformational cloud solutions to their customers. MSPs who successfully pass all the requirements of the MSP Partner Program stand to gain a lot of benefits like industry-wide marketing promotion from AWS, an AWS stamp of approval, and access to world-class resources that will help them run profitable businesses.

The Program also empowers MSP Partners to offer complete lifecycle cloud solutions that solve problems potential clients face at any stage of their cloud adoption journey. Whether they’re planning and designing, building and migration, running and operating, or even optimizing their cloud infrastructure.

Satisfying AWS MSP Partner Program Validation Checklist with nOps

nOps is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, AWS Well-Architected Partner with an AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency.

We provide dedicated MSPs like you with an all-in-one GTM Cloud Practice that leverages AWS best practices to offer comprehensive solutions that satisfy your customers. Our automated features help MSPs quickly auto-discover HRIs, which you can then leverage to offer more services and boost your revenue margins. 

For example, see how we helped New Context, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, meet rigorous AWS best practices, expand and optimize their MSP operations. With nOps, MSPs can comfortably offer cost-optimized, agile, and secure managed services.

Mapping AWS MSP Partner Program Validation v.4.2 Checklist

To join the AWS MSP Partner Program, MSPs must, among other conditions, pass a full audit. This audit with a 1000 points scoring system examines how your service offerings align with the best practices specified in Validation Checklist. 

Let’s see how nOps helps you successfully attain MSP Program validation, demonstrating your capability to pass mandatory action items and avoid score-impacting action items.

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