Well-Architected Just Got Better

Accelerate AWS and Azure Well-Architected Framework Reviews and Boost Margin by Scaling Your Automation and Remediation


Go from Well-Architected to Better-Architected

On average, Partners realize 95% in time savings for WAFRs by using nOps’s automated discovery of high-risk issues, with productivity gains up to 3x.
nOps improves the accuracy of WAFRs enabling you to deliver fact-based assessments by providing your Solutions Architects with drill-down visibility into the target infrastructure.
Improve your project win rate by providing proposals that align directly with gaps in infrastructure. Partners indicate win rates of 80%, with others reporting as high as 100%.
Capture over a 60% win rate in cloud assessments when using nOps as sales engagement tool. But the real value is the fact-based dialogue with your customers enabled by nOps about trade-offs in optimizing their AWS and Azure infrastructure continuously.

See how iOlap and Dickey's BBQ Pit used nOps to get and stay Well-Architected.

iOLAP used nOps to get Dickey's BBQ Pit Well-Architected and identified 24% in AWS cost savings.
nOps was identified for cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence
iOLAP continues to manage infrastructure health and can proactively resolve issues, often before Dickey's is aware of them.

Acquire more customers by identifying critical issues faster and streamlining discovery conversations.

Conduct WAFRs and FTRs for AWS and Azure workloads for meaningful conversations with prospects.
nOps auto-discovery can save partners from a few hours to days.
Partners can automatically generate the SoW in the platform from pre-packaged solutions.
Capture over a 60% win rate in cloud assessments when using nOps as sales engagement tool.

Keep your current customers by driving more value and staying in alignment.

Managed cloud offering to add more value.
Ensure customer workloads align with the well-architected framework.
Monitor the drift in the workloads and work with customers to resolve high-risk issues immediately.
nOps also manages billing, invoicing, and chargeback for partners.

Grow your customers with the right resources to enable them and identify when they are ready to expand.

nOps analyzes the cloud activity and notifies partners as customers consume new cloud services.
Streamlined customer onboarding.
Full partner billing capabilities.
Upcoming Salesforce and APN integrations to bring new cloud opportunities into existing Sales cadences.
Dedicated Partner Supercharger program with AWS or Azure partner credits, personalized training, strategy development, co-branded content and a “Mutual Execution Plan”

nOps is a great example of a partner who is not only innovating on behalf of their customers but also innovating to help other partners.

Using nOps, we have helped customers achieve impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. Simply put, nOps enables us to build better architecture faster for our customers. It really fits our DevOps culture.

The nOps automated program saves up to 95% in execution time compared to a standard Review.

Using nOps, we can execute an AWS Well-Architected Review four times faster than it would take to do a standard assessment — and with far more detail and accuracy. We have 100% acceptance of our remediation proposals using nOps for Well-Architected Reviews.


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