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Cloud users can now leverage the AWS Well-Architected Review to reveal vital system issues before launching a product. The AWS Well-Architected Review covers all dimensions of a good system, including operational excellence, reliability, and cost optimization. Other areas that need review include performance, efficiency, and security.

What’s the AWS Well-Architected Review Process?

  1. Find an AWS cloud engineer to review your cloud apps against the five pillars.
  2. Schedule an event to review your AWS infrastructure. Specify the date, time, and attendees. Also, clarify whether the review will be physical or remote.
  3. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect will review your cloud infrastructure based on more than 40 factors. He or she will audit several applications and cloud assets. The architect will also assess the cloud against the five pillars and check whether you meet best practices.
  4. The cloud engineer will make video tutorials and reports. These reports will have design practices that meet AWS standards.
  5. If you invited business and IT attendees, you might have a session for Questions and Answers.
  6. Work with your internal team to correct issues and improve your infrastructure according to the engineer’s findings and best practices.

What Makes the Review Process Effective?

The process came from Amazon’s internal system review. Over the years, AWS noted some design principles that influenced the effectiveness of cloud architecture. Root Cause Analysis is the foundation of this review process. Here, it doesn’t just remediate problems at a lower level but the root cause as well.

Why Do You Need an AWS Well-Architected Review?

Because of an ever-changing cloud environment, it’s possible to use old solutions to solve new problems. That’s why AWS recommends one- to two-year periodic reviews. This frequency will fix the most pressing issues. You should perform an AWS Well-Architected Review early enough to leave time for implementation. If a launch is targeting a certain event, companies risk launching a faulty product. The review process, if well-implemented, prevents such occasions.

Can A Third Party Help in the Well-Architected Review Process?

Absolutely. A certified AWS partner can help save time and do the review on your behalf. In addition, the partner has the knowledge to match different industry standards to the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The deliverables of a review include:

  • Practical tips on how to meet the Well-Architected criteria.
  • You may get free trial software to help in the review process.
  • Automation of some time-consuming tasks.
  • A roadmap of what you can do instantly, on a medium-term and long-term basis.

nOps can help AWS users discover areas of improvement based on the AWS Well-Architected process. nOps uses Root Cause Analysis to identify the root cause of problems. As a result, every remediation is usually a significant competitive advantage. Other nOps unique features include:

  • A custom recommendation feature to share recommendations with your team. It tailors recommendations to relevant people.
  • A simple questionnaire that examines and yields results about the security of your AWS system.
  • A powerful engine to search through your cloud infrastructure, the search automatically detects high-risk problems.

The right review tool can quickly fix performance and issues. nOps simplifies the WAFR process and automates several manual tasks.