nOps provides the ultimate capabilities you need to transform your business from just a service provider to a cloud-based next-gen MSP (Managed Service Provider). Thanks to the numerous MSP tools and features, you have all it takes to revolutionize your service delivery. nOps provides the ultimate support to help your MSP edge competition.

How Does nOps Help to Transform Your nOps business?

All cloud MSPs want to run a sustainable business with regular, high-quality customers. Achieving this feat isn’t an easy task, given the competitive nature of the market. Using nOps can get rid of the numerous bottlenecks that hinder your growth.

nOps is designed to help MSPs win more statement of work (SOW) and increase customer acquisition. You can also rely on nOps to provide potential customers with Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFRs) and remediate issues. Well-Architected reviews help convince clients to choose your service.

nOps relies on a comprehensive suite of MSP tools to help you transform your business model and service delivery. These include:

Workload Lens

nOps launched the nOps workload lens to help AWS (Amazon Web Services) users accelerate and streamline Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFR). The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of concepts and principles for architecting workloads in the cloud. It aims to improve the reliability of your business systems, improve security and compliance, and reduce costs. With resources that align with the Well-Architected Framework, you can drive business results higher. You can explain to your customers why comparing their resources against the Well-Architected Framework can help them improve performance, optimize costs, stay compliant, and achieve other business goals.

The Workloads Lens accelerates WAFRs through automated functions. It accelerates the process of answering Well-Architected Framework questions by submitting them to AWS through the workload screen. This tool can highlight high-risk resources, add recommendations for questions and answers, auto-discover questions for asked questions, and generate reports. It also auto-discovers features automatically, allowing users to conduct better, more comprehensive architecture reviews.

The Workloads Lens ranks among the top MSP tools for any business looking to leverage WAFRs to win more statements of work.

Well-Architected Accelerator for FTRs

nOps is among the best MSP tools for conducting AWS Foundational Technical Reviews (FTR). FTR is mandatory if you want to unlock the Co-Build, Co-Market, and Co-Sell benefits with AWS. This unlocks funding opportunities and access to AWS partner programs.

nOps paves the way to a premium, Well-Architected accelerator that helps conduct FTRs efficiently. nOps gets you the required answers, thanks to the FTR lens. This lens tool has a workload feature that helps streamline resources for assessments. Ideally, we help reduce the time to complete FTR reviews by mapping everything to the FTR requirements.

nOps SuperCharger Platform

The nOps SuperCharger Platform is an all-inclusive tool that enables next-gen MSP practice. Through its single pane of the glass management console, you get a platform that helps perform various activities that drive your portfolio’s cloud excellence. These include:

  • Creating SOWs
  • Setting spend chargebacks and budgets
  • Assessing your customer’s cloud health
  • Managing compliance

The Supercharger makes your cloud practice overall better by providing multiple custom and time-saving features to help you remediate issues. The less time spend remediating issues, the more time you can spend managing your growing business.

With the Supercharger, you can manage all your client accounts from a single interface rather than each account separately. You will achieve discounted rates for volumes and save primarily on costs.

nOps ShareSave

Optimizing costs can help your Cloud MSP increase profitability. However, that’s not easy, given the complex nature of cloud services. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) is a cloud service designed to make cloud computing easier. It gives users scalable computing capacity to deploy resources. Since EC2 is the main service where you build cloud resources, it can get costly.

nOps ShareSave is an ideal cost optimization tool for all cloud MSPs. Packed with numerous features, ShareSave can help you manage cloud resources hassle-free.

ShareSave helps you minimize Reserved Instance spending. Since Reserved Instances provide cloud users with cost savings, ShareSave goes the extra mile to optimize your Reserved Instances.

ShareSave purchases Reserved Instances automatically when there is an increase in computing usage. On the other hand, it sells Reserved Instances automatically when your computing usage decreases.

Transform Your MSP Business With nOps

These capabilities make nOps one of the best MSP tools to choose from. nOps helps AWS and Azure users build secure, reliable, and scalable resources using the Well-Architected Guidelines.

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