Development in the world of tech is driven by innovation, creativity, and fresh minds. As breakthroughs continue to take place, organizational complexities simultaneously arise, making leaders scour for the most advanced solutions available in the market. This is where tech startups fill the void – they continue to disrupt industries, introduce modern technologies, trailblaze for a new wave of innovative revolution, and make way for the latest generation of progressive entrepreneurs.

The global tech industry’s worth is projected to rise to an unprecedented $5.3 trillion, making it an attractive avenue for startups. And while not every venture comes out successful, 90% of those in the product and deep tech sectors are predicted to rise above the occasion. To break ground and make a lasting impact, founders have to overhaul obsolete models, bridge gaps, and be steps ahead of the trends.

Here are 5 thriving startups that everyone needs to watch out for in 2023:


Founded in 2019, Renovai empowers retailers with AI-based visual commerce solutions. Co-Founders Alon Chelben, Alon Gilady, and Avner Priel recognize that consumers today are faced with an overwhelming array of choices while shopping online – also called choice paralysis. This problem roots in disorganized options and cluttered product catalogs, which makes online shopping stressful and difficult to end-users.

Leveraging their accumulated experience and advanced understanding of the design process, they planned out the idea of creating a fully automated, AI-based stylist which could completely change the way people shop online and add the required context for a confident purchase. With minimal integration time and resources, Renovai provides real-time visual AI solutions helping retail brands create unbeatable, inspiring, and personal interactions with shoppers.


Established in 2010, Nipendo was a response to the glaring gaps in the source-to-pay industry. Co-Founders Eyal and Alon Rosenberg saw a mountainous surge of SaaS applications made to replace ERP deficiencies, but would require insurmountable investments of effort, energy, time, and money from suppliers and buyers.

The Nipendo platform was designed as an intelligent intermediator that would streamline interactions and benefit all trading partners at minimal cost, using such technologies as RPA, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Today, Nipendo helps enterprises automate their purchase-to-pay processes and replace manual labor and human decision-making with smart bots that operate according to corporate policy, compliance rules, and regulations.


Global warming is one of the most urgent matters that need to be addressed on a global scale, which makes climate tech startups paramount to this green revolution. Founded in 2020, Patch is a cutting-edge platform that scales unified climate action. Co-Founders Aaron Grunfeld and Brennan Spellacy recognize that companies need to drastically lower their carbon footprint to reach global climate goals, which led to the establishment of Patch.

Patch embeds climate action into every sector in the global economy – from e-commerce, fintech, shipping, and logistics, to carbon accounting. With a flexible, enterprise-grade climate API, Patch can be integrated into any product experience to enable transaction-level emissions estimates for a wide range of activities and create a seamless carbon credit purchase experience.


nOps is an ML-powered FinOps team that reduces cloud waste, helps businesses run workloads on spot instances, automatically manages reservations, and optimizes containers. As an automated and data-driven tool, it also monitors, analyzes, and manages AWS and Azure changes, performance, costs, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance on auto-pilot.

CEO and Founder JT Giri is well-aware that most organizations don’t have the resources to focus on reducing cloud spending, optimizing RI management, and decreasing costs over on-demand resources. This is where this startup comes into the picture: its cutting-edge solutions include AWS Well-Architected Framework alignment, resource and cost optimization, security and compliance, visibility and change management, workflow automation, and AWS service catalog.

Sigma AI

Formerly known as Sigma Technologies Global, Sigma AI is dedicated to providing the highest quality, cost-effective, and most accurate training data. This startup is a unique Data Collection and Annotation company composed of team members with over 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence. The team at Sigma AI continuously works in improving the data annotation processes and tools to achieve higher efficiency, data quality, and security, including the development of Machine Learning (ML) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Their goal is to significantly improve all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of businesses across all sectors globally.