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nOps Rules – AWS CloudTrail

Reading Time: 2 minutes AWS CloudTrail provides audit trail for your cloud infrastructure. This is one of the services that should be enabled by default, but it’s not. Enabling AWS CloudTrail on all your AWS accounts is good security practice. nOps Rule allows you to monitor AWS CloudTrail across regions and projects. You receive real-time notification if AWS CloudTrail…

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nOps Rules – Tag Violation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monitoring for tag compliance is the most effective way to ensure compliance for your cloud environments. If your organization doesn’t enforce proper tagging policies, eventually, no one will know who originally launched the resources and for what purpose. With nOps’ flexible tag-violation configuration, you will receive real-time notification if newly launched resources violate the tag…

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ITIL Change Management For Cloud

Reading Time: 3 minutes ITIL provides guidelines and processes for managing changes by IT. These guidelines help companies to ensure when IT makes changes–and changes are inevitable—service reliability is not jeopardized and there is no negative impact on customers’ experience. But IT also needs to make changes fast, especially if you are on cloud. Cloud’s main draw is that…

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