Cloud Cost Visibility: What It Is And How To Achieve It?

Reading Time: 5 minutes As cloud spending quickly becomes one of the most expensive resources in organizations around the world, C-suite leaders are steadily prioritizing tools and strategies for optimizing, reducing, and centralizing cloud cost management.  In fact, according to a survey, 88% of organizations state that optimizing and reducing spend on their cloud resources is very important. 50%…

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Getting The Most Out Of Your IT Showback Reporting!

Reading Time: 6 minutes FinOps has gained significant momentum in recent years as organizations seek to optimize their cloud spend. Central to the FinOps philosophy is the idea of Chargeback and Showback, which can also be referred to as “Cost Allocation” and “Cost Transparency.” While the concept is undoubtedly beneficial, it is not always easy to implement.  Chargeback and…

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Understanding your cloud spend with nOps business contexts
Understanding Your Cloud Spending With nOps Business Contexts!

Reading Time: 3 minutes In our previous article, we discussed how important cost allocation is to companies. As the late Lord Kelvin once said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” and that is certainly true for cloud costs. To that effect, nOps created a Showback model that allowed you to collect cloud resources into “buckets” of…

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